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Options to study the Arabic alphabet

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Many people around the world would like to learn the Arabic alphabet, to read and write Arabic texts. For example, people who are expats in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar or Kuwait are in need to learn this language to have an easy time while abroad. You can find many options to study this language online, so I would like to cover a few options for those of you who would like to learn. First off, I'll explain the free options and then I will go onto paid options. The free options are usually self-taught methods or prerecorded video lessons. But I found that many students do not really like that option. Personally, that option worked very well for me and I studied my first Arabic alphabet course at the University known as Islamic Online University but the problem was the way the course was presented, it was just audio and no video!

So how in the world can you learn a language without being able to see the letters? But I must say, I still did enjoy the course and I had bought the book that we used in the class which is known as Arabic Reading and Writing Made Easy by Dr. Bilal Philips, that made it a bit easier to follow along and I did start getting a decent understanding about the Arabic letters.  So, one option is you that could study the free course at Islamic Online University. I would advise that as just to get your feet wet and not as a final option for learning but just somewhere to start.

The second option that I know of is a website known as Alison, and I found that they have a free Arabic alphabet course available on the website. I have taken a few courses there and I must say the courses are not bad but I never took the Arabic alphabet course, I only took a Customer Service course and a marketing course, and a web design course but I never took the alphabet course. So, you can try that as a second option.

The third free option that would advise would be learning through YouTube videos but to be honest I haven't found many good videos on YouTube that help students learn. I designed a course based on the course that I studied at The Islamic University. The same course that I studied at the Islamic online university, but I studied it at another university with video not just audio, and I felt like I had enough skills to start teaching. I really wanted to help provide it to students at an affordable price and I enjoyed it so I wanted to teach it. So, I designed it based on how I learned it, in the exact same method that I studied it at that university and I sold it for a while on a website. But eventually many students kept asking me if they can have it free and it didn't seem like people would want to really pay for prerecorded video lessons, so I just uploaded all the videos to YouTube for free. 

So, my whole entire course is in fact on YouTube but I haven't found many courses on YouTube that are good# but mine is there and that is an option to try.  I found many people saying that listening to the Arabic alphabet song is another good way to learn. For me that never worked and I don't think that would work but some people feel like it will work for them. The common paid methods are live one-on-one Skype lessons. There are a few institutes that are out there one cheap one for example italki and another one that I have linked on my videos. You can head over to this forum and view a few of my lessons I had posted, a fee lessons are there to make it easier for people to view and access them: http://www.ummah.com/forum/showthread.php?493311-Arabic-alphabet-Pronunciation-and-Language


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