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Learning Indonesian Language the Easy Way


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I’ve been trying to learn Indonesian language independently from various resources such as youtube, books, comics, movies, etc, but so far I’m still not very satisfied with the result. I still can hardly understand even a simple or basic Indonesian conversation. Actually both of my parents are Indonesian, but I was born in Sydney and our family always talk to me in English! I’ve asked them why they never speak Indonesian to me and to my surprise they told me that they could hardly speak the language as they migrated to Australia when they were still very small and consequently they can only understand the English language now.

I have a mission that I have to be able to converse in Indonesian language as I’ll be stationed in Indonesia very soon and I’ve heard that not many Indonesians can speak English so I have to speak their language.

Lately I’ve found an online Indonesian language course and wondering if engaging in this language course would benefit me. Please kindly advise. Thanks.

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