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Arabic cartoons transcriptions


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Hello to all!

I often look at cartoon videos on youtube and (try to) transcribe the dialogues to practice listening, for me it is very useful, and I usually understand long sentences but I always miss some words which I guess are simple but I just can't catch them, this is very frustrating! can you help me to complete my last transcription? the cartoon was

 Here are my problems!

(1) what does the girl says at 00.18? I just understand the last word ('aSir = juice), it seems to me that she says "kulla-l-'aSir" but I don't understand the previous words of her sentence

(2) I can understand (almost) nothing of the rabbit's sentence at 0.33!

(3) I don't understand the girl's answer at 00.40

(4) I don't understand the verb of the girl's sentence at 2.06: "limadha la [?] al-ashia' ... ?"

(5) I don't understand what the girl says at 2.12, I guess she says something about her being late (the last word sounds like "ta'KHiir" but I don't understand the previous words

(6) what's the last word of the little girl's sentence at 2.48? (after "mufaDDali")

(7) what does the little girl says at 3.06? I understand "hadha-SSaut" ("this noise") but what does she say before? I guess it's a verb but I couldn't understand it, the only verb similar to it in my dictionary is ramaa (to throw) but it seems to have nothing to do, unless it is an expression I don't know to say "to make noise"

(8) What does the little girls says at 4.05 when she sees her picture? I understand just "alwaan" = "colours" (at least I think...)

(9) What does the boy say at 4.41??

Thank you very much in advance!


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Hey Fabio,

I have to say its very brave to try to learn Arabic its complicated for us as Arabs somestimes but I hope you enjoy it :)

So here are the answers to your questions.

1. She says "Wa ella sayonhi Karaz kullalasir" which means " otherwise Karaz would finish it all"

2. The Rabbit says "kullu hazhi alashya' kafazt fi wajhi"

Hazhi alashya - these things

Kafazat - jumped

Fi wajhi - into my face

3. She tells him he can borrow it if he wanted  "estaerha en aradt"

4. What you have missing there is "tabda bel" which means start with. 

5. "Asefaton Ala..". Thats how a girl would say "I'm sorry for.."

6. " 'Endy "- This is derived from the word 'end, which means at. In this case it just means for me. The whole phrase would just be "my favourite colour"

7. Tora - I wonder

Ma hadha asawt- what is this noise

8. Toghatini - covers me/all over me

9. Sa'asaazen men alaan- I'll ask permission from now on.

I hope putting what I've written with the audio helps you figure it out better.

Good luck


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