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The role of ICT in edcation and some problems


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The 21st century is the century of communicative technologies: they are everywhere. Their use in education has become the center of many studies. For best results, modern education must be combined with ICT. First of all, it is convenient: the only thing you need to start using such resources is Internet access. Today, when the educational process is moving to a new” electronic format", where the role of ICT is growing rapidly, the authorities pay great attention to the training of new teaching staff. Today, in some schools that are located outside the city, that is, in the villages, it is difficult to provide such conditions. As a result, students are unable to obtain sufficient education due to lack of electronic technology. The introduction of ICT in education on the periphery, in addition to envy of the state of existing communications - communications, electricity. Question: How can we solve the problem of improving the system of ICT implementation in the educational process in rural areas? What areas are in the first place in need of change? Formulate your proposals.

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