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On 6/20/2018 at 9:29 AM, Gulmira said:

I want to know how person can improve himself every day by doing something special. I really want to increase my knowledge but my laziness is very enemy. I want to rid off this but can't.  Please help me


Hi Gulmira! 

It is an actual problem nowadays, we get lazier due to all conveniences we surround ourselves with, and we live in a complete comfort zone. Therefore, I suppose, you should either set some false deadlines trying to do everything you need during this time, or you simply need to ask yourself: Why should I need to learn this? Is it going to help me? Will my life change in positive direction after accomplishing this task? Will I feel better if I put some effort and study or if I keep doing useless but easy, short-term pleasurable activities?  If you keep asking these questions, you will always have a burning desire to pursue your dreams. Good luck! 

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