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Please help with Multi-lingual poster!

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Thank you for your help, time, and for offering your skill! it means a lot to me and many people!

Sentence - - - - - - - "You are the Hero"

I have attached the rough draft of the poster in this post. Google translate has generated the current translations, but I need them to be approved/corrected by native speakers.

Please respond with translations in Native script, as it needs to be ready to put onto the shirt design. If possible, please respond with text in vertical form;














The languages are -

1. Mandarin

2. Spanish

3. Hindi

4. Arabic

5. Portuguese

6. Bangla (Bengali)

7. Russian

8. Japanese

9. Lahnda (Punjabi)

10. Javanese

11. German

12. Korean

13. English (no translation needed)

Any other languages is appreciated!


Thank you again for your time and help!


Hero Shirt Back1.4.pdf

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