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Where is 'she' in this sentence...

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Spanish: "a veces lleva un vestido rojo"

English: "sometimes she wears a red dress"

Please can someone tell me which word in the Spanish phrase above is linked to the word 'she'.

I am trying to teach myself Spanish via Memrise and YouTube videos, etc. so I can build up my knowledge before signing up to a classroom based course which are expensive in the UK. It is Memrise who provided "a veces lleva un vestido rojo" for me to learn, but the downside to Memrise is that they don't explain the phrases they want me to learn. So I cannot work out how a Spanish speaking person would know that the Spanish phrase refers to a female.

It can't be simply because women wear dresses. I presume it's the word 'lleva' that is key. But then take this phrase: "a veces lleva un abrigo gris". Women and men wear coats so how do you know if it is a man or a woman they are referring to?

If anyone can help I will return to give thanks and I will really appreciate it! :)

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