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What are you going to do once you can speak spanish fluently?


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go to the local taco bell and make them feel silly :)

But really, one thing I like to do, and this sounds a little bad..  but when I first started understanding korean ( being a typical white guy)  you would be amazed at how much people say in front of you if they think there is no chance you understand them.   It was hilarious being in a club with two girls, talking to them only in english, but then listening to what they were saying to each other in korean.   :)

But the real reason is just traveling.  Any oversease vaction is a ton more fun if you speak the local language, you get access and treated with more respect if you can communicate with the locals who doesn´t speak english.   It makes a vacation much more of a cultural exchange rather than just ´here, buy our local crafting stuff... that is culture´..    A true cultural exchange is when you can understand their views on education, politics, family and how they view your own country.

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