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Relearning Hebrew


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Hi all, I am a native English speaker, I was born in Israel and moved to the us when I was very young. I spoke hebrew but forgot most of it though. I am trying to relearn the language and learning to read/wrote the language. I can hold a basic conversation in hebrew, but I cant get used to reading the language without vowel sounds. Any tips or tricks to help me progress?


P.S. Also trying to learn a bit of mandarin for my gf's family. That is a whole nother level of difficult.

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I went to Hebrew School  from K thru 10th grade.  It was 3 days a week after public school and Sabbath morning (the sabbath was observed).  I need to get back into it, and remember what I'm trying to read.  I can still read some prayers, but then I remember those by heart.  Where can I find some inexpensive resources to get back the language I've more or less forgotten?




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