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Ukranian & Russian


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I know that Ukrainian isn't Russian, but how close is it? Is it like Spanish & Italian (very close) or is it more like French & Spanish (somewhat close, but still very different).

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Very close, I can easily watch Ukrainian TV and understand about 2/3 of what is said there. Now of course I can't say much in Ukrainian but they will understand me as well unless I start talking about very advanced things such as science, politics etc.

Speaking from my experience here as I have been in Ukraine many times. About half of the Ukraine speaks Russian too or understands it well.

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Yes, it is absolutely, true. Russian and Ukrainian languages are very common. Possibly the main reason for it is historical origins. The point is Old Russian was a base for both languages, so today we have two independent modern languages, but knowing one of them, you will understand the second. Below I will give some examples.

In Russia people do not speak Ukrainian, but in Ukraine the situation is completely opposite. For example, in the West all people speak Ukrainian in everyday life. In the East and South of Ukraine quite many people prefer to communicate in Russian, but use Ukrainian as an official language. Classes in school or University are in Ukrainian language.

Speaking about grammar…, so both languages have the same principle. Ukrainian language is also soft as Russian, so there are many similar sounds. Even in the alphabet, most of letters are identical. However, there is an exception for such Ukrainian letters:  ґ, и, і, ї

Some examples of similar Russian and Ukrainian words:

Понедельник –  Понеді́лок (Ponedel´nik –  Ponedì́lok) - Monday

Вторник – Вівто́рок  (Vtornik – Vìvtórok) - Tuesday

Среда – Середа (Sreda – Sereda) - Wednesday

Подруга – подруга  (Podruga – podruga)  - Friend about a girl

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