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Can someone please be so kind and check my English text


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The video includes a brief history of the first purpose-built passenger railway and covers the main difference between a current and the first rail network.

1) The speed:

The first train was able to reach a speed of up to 35mph. At the moment the fastest train can travel with the speed of 267.8mph.

2) Design:

In the early days, only first-class passengers had a roof above their heads, everyone else has been exposed to the elements during their journey.    

Now, at least everyone has a roof!

3) Stops and platforms:

At first, stops were by request but this quickly became inconvenient. The platforms have not been raised, all passengers had to board the train at the track level which was very unsafe. Now, we have official stops and health and safety regulations. Passengers health is treated very seriously.

One thing that did not change, we still have not enough trains and everyday railway carries more passengers that they quote for.

The rail network is not perfect but for sure it was revolutionary.  

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" a current " -> "the current" (if I understand you correctly)

"The speed" -> "Speed" (just to be consistent with the other subtitles)

" , everyone " -> ". Everyone" or "; everyone"

" , all passengers" -> ". All passengers" or "; all passengers"

" Passengers health" -> "Safety of the passengers" (I don't think you're talking about people's health here.)

" , we still have not enough" -> ": we still don't have enough" or "is that we still don't have enough"

" railway ... that" -> "the railway system ... than"

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