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Best Spanish to Learn in the US, specifically Florida

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I know there are several types of Spanish languages so I'm curious what would be the most useful one to learn in the US. I'll be moving to Florida in a few to several months and although I am okay with talking in English, I think this would help me if ever I take a customer service job again.

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For Florida, you probably want to learn Cuban or Puerto Rican Spanish. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone caters to that. You'll probably have to study Mexican Spanish and make due with Castellian Spanish resources when there's no alternative. It's been awhile since I cracked it open, but I recall http://www.amazon.com/Street-Wise-Spanish-Survival-Guide-ebook/dp/B004TC14GO/ being quite helpful. Well worth the $.99 for the ebook and probably worth buying the paper version as well. I THINK I used to have http://www.amazon.com/Streetwise-Spanish-Book-1CD-Understand/dp/0071460861 but mine didn't come with a CD. If it's the one I had, it's an informative book.

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