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A while back, I was recommended VIKI.COM for watching foreign TV-shows with subtitles. I used to watch a Turkish show, and now, after spending almost 3 months in Turkey,  I actually noticed how I started to understand what they were saying without watching the subtitles.

I think it is a great resource when learning a language, and there are many different countries to choose TV-shows from.

So, check it out and see if it can help you. =)

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I used to use Viki to watch my Asian dramas, but then the site ran into some problems and I stopped using it.

One thing I like about Viki is it has subtitles in a lot of different languages. That way you can potentially expose yourself to many different languages at once.

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Thank you so much for sharing this site.  I didn't know about it before.  I've bookmarked it and I know I will be checking it out. 

I like the name of it, too "viki" as in "wiki" -- it captures perfectly what the site is about.  This is such a great concept to have viewers sharing and taking part in subtitling the movies and other videos.  It's quite impressive. :)

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Thanks for sharing such an useful link!  I had never heard about it... is it free or you have to pay for it monthly?  Hehehe, I'm browsing this web site, it's so amazing to see there is an asian version of most of the TV shows we have in the west (similar or identical concept in most cases - lots doctor/hospital dramas).  VERY interesting web site!!! 

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