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Is anyone familiar with poems written by Derek Walcott?


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I read Derek Walcott collection of poems entitled Sea Grapes, The Castawy and Other Poems, and Midsummer. He is a great poet, and I'm not just saying this because he is the Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature and a graduate of my former university. Some have considered to be the best living English-speaking poet. It's so obvious from his writings that he has such great control over his use of punctuation, imagery, and diction. He is almost like the Shakespeare of poetry--he is that good. So, has anyone read any of his works?

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I read Derek Walcott's "Sea Grapes" several years ago and I was deeply impressed.  There is so much depth and emotional power in his poetry.  It really stays with you.  I agree with your overall assessment; his work is worthy of the Nobel Prize. 

Although it's been a while since I read his work that particular collection, "Sea Grapes," made a strong impression on me.  I have also read some of his other poetry here and there in anthologies.  Glad you mentioned him, as you've reminded me of how much I enjoyed reading his poetry. 

I think his poetry would be a great choice for people who are learning the English language.  His work is so evocative. 

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