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  1. I will try my best to learn the rules, if there are any. In Swedish there are some things that learners have to just memorize as they go along because there are rules that don't apply all the time, you have random exceptions. Any randomness in Russian I will simply look past, just like you. In my mind being able to communicate is the main priority and making it all sound right is always second.
  2. Well, Ideas I have, or at least previous experiences. I haven't actually dived into something yet but I am interested in some good visual flashcard stuff to start out with. Any tips? You know, the super-obvious stuff like "A" and a picture of the corresponding letter along with a guy who drops an anvil on his foot and goes "aaAAAAAAAH!".
  3. So, I am going to Russia this summer and as I always do, I try to learn a bit of the native language so I can A: help myself get along when there is a language barrier and B: try to talk to people and make an ass out of myself. My mother tongue is Swedish and I have fiddled around with latin languages, slavic languages are new to me. I need to start in the starting blocks, the alphabet. I watched a couple of videos but I would like to hear tips on what made it easy for other people (you). Did you you use a specific process, app, video or just some little mind game that worked out for you? I definetly think I need to know the alphabet and not just learn a few phrases by how they sound. What good is it knowing what subway stop you are going to if you can't read the signs? For me, music has been helpful in language learning. I learned German by listening to german music with printed translations. When I learned a bit of Spanish I used Fluentu and they use plenty of kid's music in their videos which is awesome. Simple melodies that stick, simple wording that you can learn. Movies in the target language with subtitles in my mother tongue or English (actually I prefer English) are very helpful. I also drew my own corny flashcards which helped, it is a bit of work but it is quite good for me. So that is my starting point: How should I start handling the cyrillic alphabet? It seems difficult now but I have to attack from some angle....... Edit: Come to think of it: suitable flashcards that one can print out would be great for this task. In south America I would stuff my flashcards in my pocket and rehearse whenever I was waiting for my food or whatever. In my opinion, physical cards trumps the smartphone any day.
  4. I can tell it works, it really does. Scandinavians have always been told they speak English well and it is my firm belief that it is not about the classes in school but more about how we are always exposed to English with subtitles. In for example Spain and Germany it is normal for movies to be dubbed into the national language, here we don't really have voice-over in anything apart from kid's movies such as Disney films, because kids can't keep up with the pace of the text lines. We always hear English and we read what it means, it definetly works.
  5. Well hello I guess! My mother tongue is Swedish but languages are a spare-time interest of mine. When I go visit a country I like to learn a bit of their language and try to get by with it, and it feels awesome when you are able to use what you have learned. This summer I will go to Russia for the football world cup and I although I planned to stay with germanic and latin languages I feel I can't go there without some russian to make a total ass out of myself with.... I may be here for a long time and focus always changes but as of now my focus is Russian.