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  1. I think swearing in any language is just a no go. But it is true that when you say swear words in another language you don't feel it's as vulgar as if it were your own language, but it's the same thing. I think people of the opposite language probably feel the same if they were to cuss in are language they would feel it's not as bad, It's only because we don't feel the full force and it's a unknown language.
  2. The Best Way to Learn Spanish

    Learning by Software's are good , but I think if you really want to learn Spanish fast and you want to speak it well you have to be around other people who speak Spanish well. I think we all know at least one person that's mexican and speaks fluent Spanish, or if you have friends who speak Spanish just ask them questions and have them help you out in certain things. And also if you can listening to Spanish music that might even help you pronounce words better.
  3. Singing To Learn

    I think learning how to speak another language by listening to music is great. That's how my Russian friend actually learned a lot of English, he would just listen to artist he liked and he started saying words he didn't know before, and I'm like who taught you how to say That? and he's like I've been listening to a lot of music in English. So it's a great way to learn some ofthe language you trying to learn.
  4. Motivation

    I think having a little white board and writing "Time to Study " or something like that would help. If not writing it down on a a paper and sticking it up on you fridge or somewhere you will see it easily. It does get really hard to set out some Time to Study a language, or to even remember to study.
  5. Bing or Google

    I think Google is a lot better, I think it's a lot more accurate. One thing that I thought was weird when using Bing was they didn't have a specific word I was looking to translate from Spanish to English, and google had it really quick, and was accurate.
  6. That's a hard question but I would have to say Spanish,I mean so many people around us speak fluent spanish, you might even have friends who speak fluent Spanish. So being around these people and asking questions here and there would be a good way of learning the language. I started to learn more Spanish because I know how to speak it but I'm not so fluent and i thought it was pretty easy learning some more.
  7. Hello everyone, Hola a todos

    Hey everyone I'm half white half mexican, my native tongue is Spanish but I now speak better English than Spanish. My goal is to learn a couple languages, maybe Russian and German.
  8. A lot of my family memebers have done this, I think if the job is good enough for you to learn that certain language or if you live in that county and kind of have to then yes. This actually happened to me, I was born and raised in the United States and when I was 16 I had to move with my parents to mexico, and I had to learn better Spanish to get a job there so I did learn and I got the job but quit after about a year because I came back to the States. So yes in some situations I do think it's necessary to learn a language to get a certain job.
  9. My Native tongue is spanish, I'm half mexican half white so my first language was Spanish but I learned English in 1st grade and I learned it pretty quick I'm pretty sure that's because I was a little kid. But it's kind of funny because now I'm fluent in English and I don't talk Spanish that well, well I guess i never did, i mean when you 5 or 6 years old you don't know any language really well even if it's you first language.