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How do we Say in Arabic with Mouad, Post your Questions

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Hi Guys,

I'm Mouad and I'm a native Arabic speaker, I've made this thread to help you guys to translate what ever you want.

I can translate your expression from both English and French :)

so don't hesitate to post any questions.


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Hi Mouad. 

Thank you for making yourself available to help with translations. Please can you tell me what is the easiest way to combine the alphabet when learning. My family has Lebanese decent and would love to learn and speak the language fluently one day.   


An example to my question is this- Antisar in Arabic is a name, In English it translates to Victory but when we write it is is completely different. What would you say is the easiest way to learn how to combine these letters.   

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well actually it's a little bit hard to combine letters, because in arabic, the letters are more than the english letters, you need to learn how to spell the arabic letters first so you know to translate the sounds to the right letters

and about Antisar : 

A = أ

n = ن

ti = ت 

sa = صا

r =ر

so its : انتصار



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