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  1. Well as I know, this is one of the main differences between the American Accent and the British Accent, the americans spell the S in the end of words Z and write it Z sometimes, but in the british accent they spell it S that's all
  2. well I don't consider songs as a good way to learn arabic but yeah, anasheed are the best since they are slow and contains good and correct words
  3. I really love this article, it contains a very convencing reasons to teach Arabic in programs of the English speaking countries ! thank you for sharing !
  4. I'm a native arabic speaker, and I can tell you that the real Arabic and the perfect one is in the Quran, there you can find the good language, and yeah I think it's a good way to learn arabic !
  5. Hello Wolfette welcome in this forums I hope you'll learn a lot more languages here. I can help you with French and Arabic if you want so good luck
  6. well in France they speak teh acadimic French, but in the other countries, they speak an easy french that everyone can learn easily
  7. I remember the first French Movie I've seen was "la vie d'adele" it was a rude movie lol it's about a story of a girl and how she became lisbian the worst movie I've seen
  8. sure bro I'll translate it for you so you can learn, السلام عليكم peace uppon you اسمي معاذ و انا من الجزائر، عمري 20 سنة my name is mouad, I'm from Algeria, I'm 20 years old لقد فتحت هذا الموضوع لكي اساعدكم على التكلم بالعربية I've opened this topic to help you speaking Arabic يمكنكم التكلم عن اي شيئ تريدونه you can talk about anything you want مرحبا بكم you are welcome
  9. that's what I was trying to say, I think that topic maker have seen a website with a small font and he tought that that's how the arabic letters wrotes
  10. Well i'm native arabic speaker, and I don't really thing that the letters are too small, in the hand write, we write the letters as big as we write the english letters, maybe you've seen that in a website with small front, maybe because your computer doesn't have arabic fonts, or maybe because it's the first time you see new letters lol
  11. In my country, most of the RAP is underground, there is only few mainscreen rappers only, I can name one of them which is considered as my country RAP godfather, he been rapping since 1996 till today, it's name Lotfi DK I adore rap music and that's all what i listen to
  12. well actually it's a little bit hard to combine letters, because in arabic, the letters are more than the english letters, you need to learn how to spell the arabic letters first so you know to translate the sounds to the right letters and about Antisar : A = أ n = ن ti = ت sa = صا r =ر so its : انتصار
  13. I always use the same websites, you can find any movie/serie you want with all kind of subtitles, but I don't really know if I can share it here or not, if the admin allow that then just reply here and I'll share it for you
  14. well I can help you with the two languages I know : in arabic we say : لا أستطيع تخيل حياتي بدونك I can't = لا أستطيع imagine : تخيل my life : حياتي without you : بدونك and in French we say : je peut pas imaginer ma vie sans toi je peut pas : i can't imaginer : imagine ma vie : my life sans toi : without you I hope that i've helped you a little bit
  15. it's better to be in English, and the accent doesn't means you are unprofessionel ! also for the small mistakes, every one do those mistakes even the native speakers so I think you are doing well, and you can share your links here so we can see them
  16. Yes of course it's possible, you'll be able to understand it, you can remember some words, but you'll not be able to speak it fluently ! people are made to forget lol and language need a practice to be kept
  17. I became interested in english when I was 12 years old, we start getting it at school and I was in love with the teacher lol I liked her that's why I loved the English
  18. well reading books may get you lost, because they use some hard words in them, you'll need to use the dictionary a lot to understand eveything, but with movies you can understand the words from watching
  19. well I don't really think that they use unexplained words in the songs, they use some words used in the streets that's why you can't understand them, and yes if you look in the internet you'll find the meanings
  20. the native language is so important for the child, but you can talk with him with another good language that you have to choose for him, the best language is english, so if you are a native english speaker you can teach him the French, it's good also
  21. lol that happen to me once before, before I learn English, I had a dream once where I been in USA lol and I been speaking English without any problems, I know that's strange !
  22. Well for me, I really suggest you learn French, it's not well used but it quit interesting language and easy to learn ! also it's a romantic language lol you'll never regret if you learn it
  23. of course listening is the best way to learn new words and to know how to speak easily, one of the most reasons that made me learn english is listening to english songs and watch English movies it's the best way.
  24. lol I always wanted to learn Japanese, but the biggest chalange is the totally new letters, at least in the other languages that use the latin letters, we already know how to spell the letters and how to write them, not like Japanese ! every thing is just new for me ...
  25. I really like this new theme, it looks like more professional ! you can easily surf in it and find the section you want great job admin !
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