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  1. Regards, How you doing guys? Does anyone of you know to get certificated for proficiency in Arabic language or get any type of certification to acknowledge someone's knowledge, like the TOEIC in English, JLPT in Japanese, etc. ? By the way, according to your opinions, What's the best middle east country to live in?
  2. Hi everyone, I got a doubt during these days about Italian grammar, and I would to see your opinions about how to say this phrase correctly, please check it out: There is nothing worst than a cold coffee. Non c'è niente di peggiore di un caffè freddo. Or should I say "peggio" instead of "peggiore"? Thank you guys!
  3. en: Hi everyone, I have a question, Do you know any type of website where I can find movies with subtitles? specially for Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian. es: Hola ¿Cómo van? Tengo una pregunta ¿Conocen algún sitio web donde se puedan conseguir películas con subtítulos? Especialmente para idiomas como mandarín, español, inglés, portugués e italiano. zh: 你们好,今天我要提问你们都如果你们知不知道一个网站我可以找到有字幕外语的影片?例如:汉语,西班牙语,英语,葡萄牙语和义大利语。 zh: 你們好,今天我要提問你們都如果你們知不知道一個網站我可以找到有字幕外語的影片?例如:漢語,西班牙語,英語,葡萄牙語和義大利語。 pt: Olá, Como vão vocês? Gostaria de fazer-lhes uma pergunta hoje, Conhecem algum website onde possa conseguir filmes com legendas? Especialmente para línguas como mandarim, inglês, espanhol, português e italiano.
  4. For example in my country, I first need to go the Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs in the capital, then fill out all the documents (ID, job experience in translation and stuff like that... ), then memorize a special terminology related to Medicine, Law, Civil Affairs (which is similar to the vocabulary in Law) and Commerce and, after that take a exam where the applier would be tested on listening, reading and speaking (I still do not know if the guys in the corner would bring a native speaker or record something). The only thing I do not like of this is that I will not be issued to translate texts, only conversations. I am planning to take the exam in the future, not yet. Regards.
  5. A few days ago I decided to go to the Arabic town in my country, something similar to Chinatown in New York or San Francisco and visiting some people I know, I decided to asked them What language in Middle East is the best to learn in terms of jobs opportunities or business, the nationalities I asked where Syrian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Palestinian and Armenian, all of them reply kind of like the same way, Arabic language and French language, for some reason majority of Arabic spoken countries have French as a school language alongside with Arabic such as Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, etcetera, so some of these people where bilingual, they say according to their cultural and religious point of view, Arabic is the language of sacred Qur'an ("القرآن") so many people belong to Islam are interested in this language to read the Islamic book and praying, not only in Middle East but also some people in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, but on the other hand, they say French is more widely spoken than Arabic so apparently French gives people more jobs opportunities, but Arabic gives people more business opportunities with Oil market and tourism from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein and Emirates United Arabs where French language is not that spoken. So after this experience anecdote Which one gives more opportunities to foreigner in terms of job or business? Arabic or French? Regards.
  6. What is the best way to master Arabic reading without reading diacritics ("إِعْجَام", "تَشْكِيل" or "حَرَكَات") to read newspaper, Internet articles, etcetera? Regards.
  7. Hi everyone! I would like to know What are the requirements to become an interpreter in your country? (Vocabulary, documents, etcetera). Thanks.
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