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  1. Hi Mouad. Thank you for making yourself available to help with translations. Please can you tell me what is the easiest way to combine the alphabet when learning. My family has Lebanese decent and would love to learn and speak the language fluently one day. An example to my question is this- Antisar in Arabic is a name, In English it translates to Victory but when we write it is is completely different. What would you say is the easiest way to learn how to combine these letters.
  2. I am a bit confused right now, I thought that Egyptians spoke Arabic. Forgive my ignorance once again. I have friends who are Egyptian and Moroccan and speak arabic to each other. In another post I read here it stated as if Egyptians spoke Egyptian.
  3. I think that conversation with someone who speaks the language that you are trying to study is crucial. I too have heard the same thing about Rosetta Stone. To help you learn the language I would suggest turning to your local Spanish channel such as Univision or Telemundo and watching Soap Operas (Novelas). No offense to those who watch Soap Operas but the topic is usually the same. It should be easy to follow along versus a movie.
  4. Do you find words that you would normally use in conversation or are these random words that your looking up. I tend to do this when I am trying to put together a sentence that I have not said yet.
  5. This may be a bit ignorant of me but using computer keyboards as a reference. In places like Asia and Middle East where the primary language is not English are there keyboards that reflect the countries language? Random thought.
  6. This would all depend on what type of venture your looking into. French is spoken widely and does have other languages such as Haitian Kre yol that derive from it. Are you interested in venturing off to Europe and Haiti? Nice thing about French is that is also spoken in the United states. Now if your looking to venture off to the Middle East then Arabic would be the language to take. The sounds associated with Arabic are really cool. Arabic to me is such a deep routed language.
  7. What a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing. The music was a bit gloomy sounding but the Siberian language is beautiful. It was a little tough reading along the english translation and reading the Siberian text.
  8. It would be neat if there was some type of interactive language learning that could be added to the site. It would be cool that while learning there is a translator button embedded somewhere. Just a random thought to help learn with the enunciation of the different languages.
  9. There definitely is a benefit to being able to write a language as well as speak it. Do you think there is more complexity to those languages that are not written?
  10. It would be the perfect scenario, heck yea I would want to benefit off of my friend who knows another language, as I would want to teach them if it were asked. First thing that came to mind was maybe she isn't confident in teaching. Speaking is one thing but not everyone is a teacher. Another thing that came to mind was that maybe she isn't as fluent as you think she may be. I know a lot of people who speak just enough of a language to get them through social gatherings.
  11. This post just makes me think of the complexity of language. I love the way all languages are written. The amount of pressure used when pressing down, slant and direction in which scripts are expressed, makes each one unique. There are so many languages throughout the world and regions unexplored that it wouldn't be a surprise if there were languages that were not written. I love the way arabic is written from right to left, the way lines curve and accents.
  12. Typing is the best when you just have to get things done. Research, Notes and longer items for some reason when typing my creative juices start flowing. If I am working on something detailed i write it out first prior to typing, if needed. Penmanship is beautiful, really is art, with the different styles such as calligraphy. For me there appropriate times for each and it really depends on mood too.
  13. It sounds demonic. Lord father have mercy in Jesus name.
  14. This is really cool, it is awesome that so many languages are being used. I'm not too familiar with the Latin language but am always open to learning. What language would you say it is most comparable to?
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