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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I have created a free online course on how to score a full mark in the writing section of standardized English tests. Please check it out. I hope it's helpful for everyone. Please also feel free to leave any reviews. Thank you.
  2. Hello, everybody. I'm sorry if this forum is not for music, but I've been searching for those lyrics everywhere and never found them. I tried to write them by ear but cannot understand almost anything. Maybe a native speaker or a more fluent person than me can help me with this song and write down the lyrics ¿? (The Grave Shall Be Forever by the band Paralysed Age). A translation into another language is not necessary (I understand written English, plus I just want to sing it and make my own version). Thanks a lot! (
  3. Hello, looking for a pen pal to help me with my Chinese writing and grammar. I would like to send short essays and have them corrected, and I would be willing to do the same for my pen pal. Of course, if you are not looking for writing and grammar help with English, I would be willing to help you with speaking as well. I would like someone who has good standard mandarin grammar. About me- I'm an American English teacher living in Beijing. I watch the news obsessively and I want to get a masters in International Relations (particularly US-China relations). I love reading, watching cartoons
  4. Hello. I would appreciate if someone could have a look at what I wrote in German. I guess it may be a bit overdone and a bit naive (more or less on purpose), but I really need it to be like that, and thus I'm asking only for straightening up the grammar and any other mistake, with as little change as possible. Thank you very, very much! 1. Wenn sie ein braunhaariges Mädchen sähen, wäre das vielleicht ich. Außerdem bin ich 180 cm groß und ich sehe weder muskulös noch anämisch aus. So eine normale Person. Mein Hobby ist Literatur. Ich interessiere mich auch für Medizi
  5. Hello I am currently self-learning German and I am trying to write on a random topic every week. I will post the topic below and would be very grateful if someone can correct the passage I have answered. Ihr deutscher Freund fährt für mehrere Jahre in die USA, um dort zu arbeiten. Er möchte aber mit seinen Großeltern im täglichen Kontakt bleiben. Deshalb fragt er Sie, ob er seinen nicht mehr so jungen Großeltern zeigen sollte, wie man einen Computer benutzt. Schreiben Sie ihm eine E-Mail (ca. 200 Wörter), in der Sie auf die folgenden Punkte eingehen: - Welches sind die Vor- u
  6. Hello, I wonder what you think about writing with your hand and a real pen versus typing on the computer. Does that make a difference for you in terms for learning? Which one do you prefer when you make notes, try to memorise new words or maybe repeat some grammar points? For me, handwriting is more efficient for new words, or at least that's my impression. It takes more effort and time which is probably why the words that I write with a pen are remembered better than those I type on a keyboard. However, when it comes to creative writing or long exercises ("Write a letter to your fri
  7. Hi, I'm sure I've seen the subject of word games like Scrablle discussed somewhere on the forum but I haven't seen anyone share their thoughts about writing games. Do any of you like these? Any good ones you can recommend? I'm a big fan of creating stories from given words. These days I use story cubes but before I bought them we would just pick 10-15 words at random, and each person had to write a story, incorporating all the words inside. It has never ceased to amaze me just how how different those stories always are, even those they are inspired by exactly the same words. Another nice game
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