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  1. I have never been to France, but it is a dream of mine to go. Most of my family from my mothers side are from France, and I grew up listening to stories and dreaming of visiting there. I would love to see Paris of course, but I also am very interested in visiting the rest of France and soaking up the culture there. I'm very interested in hearing about other people's experiences in France, so please do share!
  2. Learning new French vocabulary is a fun thing for me. Of course I practice every day with the words that I already know, but for someone who is just starting out learning French it is important for me to learn new vocabulary. One of the main things that I do is every morning I find a new word to learn. It is extremely fun for me to research and find new words. Then I try and use the word correctly as many times that day as I can. It really helps me remember all the new words that I am learning, and it helps build my vocabulary. Give it a try if your new to learning french, it's a good way to
  3. For my kids the best way to help them learn is to make it fun. I would try putting grammar or vocabulary onto the lego, and also put the corresponding word in their native language on lego. Then they can match it up, and build with the matches they made. Or when you go on a walk, let them name everything they see in the language they are trying to learn. Reward them when they get things correct. Maybe get dvds of fun kids shows in the new language, if the parents allow, and help them to understand it.
  4. I think that the older style of grammar books works best for me. I get very distracted easily. Lots of colors and pictures just pulls me out of my zone, and makes it harder for me to concentrate. I like the older style books for learning because they are straight to the point. I think both types of books should be available thought, because everyone has different learning styles. I have always learned by reading, if I read something over and over then I get it. Not everyone excels that way, and it is good that their are lots of other options for learning these days.
  5. I have a few reasons for learning french. One is that I find the language completely captivating and beautiful. It sounds so beautiful when spoken. To me it sounds like poetry. Another reason is that many of my older family members are all fluent in French. My great aunts and my grandparents would all be thrilled if I learned and it will help me feel conected to my heritage.
  6. I find psychological horror way more scary! I think it is because it is not some unbelievable monster that you know you will never see. It's something that you can relate to more, because it seems so real. Books about serial killers, or people going insane are the scariest kind of books to me. It is the same for movies. Zombie movies or monster movies don't scare me because they seem so fake.
  7. My favorite way to read is the old fashioned way. Real paper books. You dont get the same satisfaction from an ebook. There's something about feeling the book in your hands that I don't think ebooks are able to replicate. With that being said, I do like ebooks for certain situations. After I had my second child I had an ebook in the hospital and I loved it.
  8. I agree with previous posters. I think it is perfectly fine to teach the basics using English! If you are easy to understand then it does not matter if your English is perfect. It sounds like you are doing a really good thing here, good for you!
  9. I see both sides of this issue. One one hand, having one language for everyone would be an equalizer for people all over the world. It would allow you to communicate with everyone, everywhere if you wanted to. On the other hand, language is a large part of most cultures and I would hate to see some of the culture lost over time due to this. Maybe if we could have one language for all to use, but also teach children the native language of their country then it would work.
  10. I think it is quite unlikely for you to forget your native language. You may forget it for awhile, if you are getting used to using another language all the time. I think that as soon as you returned home, or talked to relatives that you would remember right away. That is just my opinion, as I have never travelled or mastered another language yet.
  11. I think having someone who knows the language well teach you is the best way to learn. Nothing beats sitting down, online or in person, with a real person who is willing to help you learn. You can learn many things out of a book, but some things are better taught with human communication. For me, I practice by myself first and then I test it out on a real person.
  12. I don't think that making grammar and spelling mistakes is exclusive to America. While I do not know that first hand, I can imagine that people everywhere make mistakes. Language is a very hard thing. Even if it is your native language. People make mistakes, it is our nature. Unless you have a love for language and it is important to you then I think that you are bound to slip up sometimes.
  13. I would love to learn German! My good friend speaks German and I find it such an interesting language. Right now I am focusing on learning french, but if I am able to master it I plan to to start trying to learn basic German. Then my friend and I can converse in German.
  14. What is the easiest language to learn as a native English speaker? I have heard that Dutch is one of the best because it is the most similar to English. I know that learning any language is far from easy, that it takes dedication and work. But I am curious to know what language is either the closest to English or is similar enough to make it easier to learn.
  15. In my opinion Chinese script is the most beautiful. Looking at it is like poetry. Since I cannot understand what it says, I am able to really look at it and appreciate the beauty in how it looks. I wish I was able to understand it, but it seems to complex.
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