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  1. I'm not sure if they still teach this where I'm from (Philippines) but I've always hated writing in cursive. Sure it can be great if it's done beautifully, but for the rest of us, it can be a pain. I've had trouble reading my own writing when I do cursive I can't imagine how it difficult it must have been for my teachers to read my essays. LOL.
  2. This is the kind of game I like having on my phone. Perfect for when you're stuck in traffic or in the doctor's waiting room. Will definitely give this a try. Thanks.
  3. The only thing I hate about reading comprehension questions is that they take too much time to answer. There would most likely be a time limit in taking exams and I hate that this kind of questions takes a lot of time.
  4. Well, it's the second language where I'm from so I was pretty much exposed to the English language pretty early. But I didn't formally studied the language until I started schooling which was when I was about 6 or 7.
  5. Browsing twitter will tell you that even native English speakers have trouble with homophones/homonyms. They are so confusing that I always have to stop and think and even consult google sometimes when I'm writing.
  6. I prefer British English. It's sexier. LOL. But I really have a hard time understanding British English because of the accent. American English just sounds more neutral that anyone who knows english can understand it when they hear it.
  7. Here in the Philippines, we use the spelling "check", not "cheque". I'm familiar with "cheque" but I never use it or see it often.
  8. I sometimes have a hard time reading my friends' text messages. Especially now that most smart phones have qwerty keyboard options. I don't understand why words such as "kasi", "dito" and "nakakatuwa" have to be written as "kc", "d2" and "nkk2wa". Anybody else find this annoying?
  9. I've been studying french for a while now and I've always wondered what's the difference between the french spoken in France and other varieties of french (i.e. Quebec French). If I ever become fluent in the french spoken in France, will I also understand the variety of french they speak in the french speaking parts of Canada?
  10. It's their children so there's not really anything we can do about it. I have a sister who lives in the US. She doesn't even even teach her daughter Tagalog or expose her to our culture which is a shame because it is part of who the child is. But I don't tell my sister that because it's not my business how she raise her child.
  11. This reminds me so much of that Mean GIrls line: "If you're from Africa, why are you white?"
  12. I never swear out loud. You just never know who you might offend. I hardly ever swear in my first language so swearing is not something I'm comfortable saying in a language I'm learning.
  13. Correcting a person's pronunciation is like saying they got something between their teeth. You have to be really careful with what you say to avoid offending the person. But it's something you have to do to save the person from further embarrassment. I've had friends correct my pronunciation before. I feel embarrassed for a while but it passes and it becomes something we can laugh about after.
  14. Learning on your own can only take you up to a certain extent. You need somebody who knows the language and can tell you if you're doing anything wrong. Like, if you are pronouncing a word wrong - that kind of thing you cannot learn on your own. Also, a teacher, depending on how good they are, will speed up the language learning process.
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