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  1. Most people can see that my tongue is from an English speaking country. Many people can guess what my accent is (completely canadian), I'm guessing that its those few key words that we use all the time, the norm of "eh" most likely gives it away. Even though I personally don't see my accent, others seem to pick it up easily.
  2. My top languages that I would really like to learn include: 1. Japanese 2. Spanish 3. Italian 4. Tamil 5. Hindi I really like how these languages sound and I know a few words from each. Some of languages are used at a wide range and I think that it is important to know them for when you travel.
  3. I tend to imagine what I read as well as what I hear. For example, without watching the television and if I hear say, an angry sumo wrestler I usually just imagine that haha. I love reading books because our imagination can take us on so many journeys and you never know where you can end up.
  4. This entire topic reminds me of how I would make fun of my brother, we come up with the strangest insults for each other as well, such as: Broccoli Head Little Bird Avocado Face The list can go on, but a lot of our insults are around food for some reason. It actually gets pretty fun after a while when we go back and forth and see what we come up with. We usually end up laughing in the end haha.
  5. When I first got my phone, it was an old flip phone and very difficult to text with (you'd have to press the same button 3 times to get to the last number) texting was tedious and so I stuck with short cuts. Now that I have a smartphone, texting is a lot easier and I can write with correct grammar and punctuation. I never use short forms unless its like "LOL" and "OMG" etc.
  6. I believe that "check" is the American version, whereas "Cheque" is the British version. In Canada, we used to use the British version, I even remember having spelling tests with that differentiating between the 2. If you spelled the American version, it was automatically wrong and now I see that times have changed.
  7. On the plus side of this, everyone would be able to understand each other and there would be no language barriers, I'm assuming body language and verbal language will be all the same. But, I don't think that I would prefer this. For one the world would be pretty boring I think, we wouldn't be able to learn new languages and the culture would be similar.
  8. When I was growing up I remember writing up things for school and using the word "cheque" then all of a sudden the word vanished and now it is "check." I'm referring to the piece of paper that banks allow you to order and you can fill out an amount, sign it and make payments - a "check." I was just wondering what has happened to the word "cheque," is it lost? I know I'm not going crazy but we used to use this word spelling all the time.
  9. I wouldn't be comfortable to teach it at all. I mean, I'll admit that my English isn't that bad, but I can't teach it because since I grew up with the language, I've never questioned how and why certain sentences are phrased. If someone asks me the reason why we use a certain word over another, then I wouldn't be able to answer it at all >.<'
  10. Speaking is definitely the hardest for me to do. When you're reading and writing you can always look over what you did and change it if necessary, but when it comes to speaking, what ever you say cannot be taken back, you can correct yourself yes, but it's still pretty embarrassing. Pronouncing words can pose as a difficult task sometimes as well.
  11. Just a few weeks ago I had an entrance exam for school and a great portion of it had to do with the English language. There were questions that involved acronyms and synonyms and most of the words were words that I've never heard of. How is it that I should prepare for these kinds of exams? Should I read the dictionary? Why is it that we should strive for a higher language base knowledge?
  12. I had a dream in Japanese once, I was quite fluent in the dream, then I woke up and frowned at myself because it wasn't real. It's fascinating to see myself speak another language in a different world; waking up and not remembering a single word is pretty sad. :bored:
  13. Ever watch TV and then catch something that no one else seems to catch? You're sitting there and watching a show (or the news) and a character makes a huge language error! For example, I was watching the news and the reporter said "there was so many water along the street", the correction is "there was so much water along the street." When I catch the mistake I usually mentally make note never to make that mistake. Have you ever caught it?
  14. I experience this a lot when I'm intimidated or like you, around exam time. Sometimes I get annoyed at my own self for this because I think of what to say and then it comes out like garbage, it's so embarrassing. Like they say, some things sound better in your head than when you actually say it. When ever I have to write an essay for an exam, I usually make small jot notes and then start off like that, it usually helps a lot.
  15. I agree with what the others are saying in the thread, I'm pretty sure that animals have their own languages, otherwise they wouldn't be able to communicate with each other. Don't you find it funny how you can really understand what a dog is saying, but when you put another dog beside that dog, they seem to communicate in their own way? Same goes with birds, how do they always travel in flocks? Surely their is some sort of language being used there.
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