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  1. Yes. English really becomes fascinating due to instances like this. It's really unpredictable and surprising how the English language is used, presented, and spoken by people whether of the same region, country and origin. Here in our country, every region and place speak English differently, and most of them have different accents depending on their native tongue. Some can pronounce it well and others don't so it really is fascinating to hear people speak English.
  2. Have you ever heard people speak English but differently? I mean Koreans speak English and most of them cannot utter the correct pronunciation and syllabication but it is still English, so it's like Korean English. For the English people literally from England they have another accent for how they pronounce English which is again different with American English and further more Australian English. So in reality each country or people have their kind of English based on how they pronounce words and use them.
  3. Yes. I know four. English, Tagalog/Filipino, Ilocano, Ifontok. The 2 latter languages are languages and not just dialects. Living in the Philippines is a blessing because we are culturally diverse and are usually multilingual because of the vast number of languages spoken throughout the country specially where I live here in Baguio because a lot of people of various ethnicities and cultures come to experience the excellent weather.
  4. It used to happen before the Tower of Babel incident when God diversified languages. I think this globalization thing is a cause for humanity to be judged finally. If we all understand each other, there would be a lot more conflict and dissension at least that's what I think. We are coming to a point where there is a universal language and it could be English.
  5. Practicing the language daily and applying it in real life has helped me understand foreign and local languages. The use of words being heard constantly and in turn trying to reciprocate through conversing in the same language has helped me a lot. It is very good to practice a lot of languages as you are better equipped in understanding people who come from different regions and places in the world or even in your own country. You will also find out how to mingle with them by knowing their language and how they speak it as well as their practices.
  6. We have indigenous songs that teach a lot of literature to our fellow Filipinos and they are effective for College students. Some songs are very good and are thus preserved in our literature and others which though cannot be understood because of the language used are likewise good in the composition, tone, rhythm and other musical properties.
  7. I have never encountered registeration in my life. I have encountered other bizarre misspellings though which I can understand since most of these people are poor in English. A lot of foreigners in our country can't speak English the way we can and I'm not sure if it's something to be proud of but I still am. People flock our country because we teach English in the kindest most pleasant way for foreigners to enjoy while natives are not given the same special treatment which is just wrong.
  8. I have been able to make up words but they are not real words and are not in any way connected to any other word. The reason behind is that when people make up words which are similar or wrongly used word of the English language, it creates confusion and a source of laughter to people who grasp the English language well.
  9. Online tutorials are very effective, I myself am willing to tutor those people who want to learn English and the basics of grammar for a few bucks. There are lots of people without jobs specially in my country where they resort to these online tutorials of foreigners. And mind you most of us are professionals already, the only reason why there are no jobs is because of the Government's corruption thus the resurt of lack of infrastructure.
  10. There is not one certain answer. Everyone of us has their own fair share and experience with the English language being the international language or the language which is known to almost everyone. There are some people who can understand it just by a few years of exposure either through media or people and there are those who no matter how long they've been hearing it cannot really grasp the English language per se yet.
  11. I take holidays as a time not to do anything. I don't like studying and giving myself a head ache during times allotted for rest. Though there are those people who truly devote their time for studying at any given time, I'm afraid I am not one of them. I also usually just goof around during holidays and enjoy the time to myself rather than stressing over studies.
  12. You do have a point there, this is true specially for people who are yet to learn things, elementary years and others. Books are very important for this age group and I guess I also got side tracked when I was in my elementary and high school years because of computer games. But still like every other thing, the internet, technology and media have both positive and negative impacts and it is up to the person which one he/she chooses.
  13. It varies from person to person, some people cannot concentrate when reading out loud and after reading the paragraph/sentence, they usually forget or did not understand anything from it. For some however this works because keywords are recalled when they read out loud what they are studying. Reading out loud can be good but sometimes tiring.
  14. I agree with this, I think the payment processing and other things should be elaborated more clearly, I'll try to visit the site to gain some info. I guess the website has more information you should check it out.
  15. Being busy is just an excuse for everyone. You can allot one day for studying if you choose to. Time management is one of the most important qualities in order to do so, sadly not much people have it or learn it. I do my studies one day before the exam yet I get really high grades (imagine if I studied for a longer period) . Well that's for me, it really depends upon the person.
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