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      Hey guys! After  extensive research, I found out that most people consider Chinese to be the hardest language to learn and frankly speaking I disagree. So I wrote an article  about this on my website. I even provided what I would consider the right book to start with when you decide to take up Mandarin. Give it a look and trust me, your whole perspective on learning Chinese will be altered! Thanks guys!  https://simplythelatest.blog/2017/06/17/the-greatest-skill-to-have-in-your-arsenal-right-now/
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      What's the best way to learn Chinese by watching Chinese movies?
    • By kasterson
      I’m a Mandarin teacher from Hanbridge. I have a Mandarin Certificate and a Teaching Certificate. I have years of experience in teaching. I am patient, passionate, and easy going. My students come from different countries of the world.I can guarantee the teaching quality and the teaching time is flexible .There are group class and personal class with tailor-made courses. Here are the objectives of my class: Integrating the daily Chinese expressions, business Chinese, and Chinese culture, to improve your Chinese in all aspects, including listening,speaking, reading and writing. 
      Our course classification: http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/course/chinese-language-course
      My email is: tiancarly@outlook.com