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    Right & Wrong, a new section proposal

    Tambien "a" en español se vuelve "to" en inglés. Voy al mercado. I am going to the market.
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    Right & Wrong, a new section proposal

    En inglés in no tiene dos sentidos como español. Por ejemplo: La piedra está en la mesa. The stone is on the table. él está en la casa. He is in the house. Si usted dice on o onto es como decir sobre o encima de. At es difícil explicar. A veces pienso es como "a" en espanol. Por ejemplo: él está mirando a ella. He is looking at her. Sin embargo, en inglés at tambien se utiliza para locación. Ella está en el centro comercial. She is at the mall. Espero que ayuda! Idioma es difícil.
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    Right & Wrong, a new section proposal

    Correcciónes: My name is Alex, I'm 42, married and living in Mexico up to this time. currently I have more than eight years living here, been living here for more than eight years, and I feel so good; Mexican people are very kind and warm, the nature environment is beautiful and the food is delicious. Environment es una surgerencia. Usted podria usar nature pero pienso que environment es mejor. I'm from Chile, however, my wife is Mexican. This is my first time on in a foreign country. Greetings! Espero que ayuda!
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    In this busy life, everyone desires to learn many things but don’t want to invest much time in it. So is the case with English learning, many people run after grammar and learning new words but no one cares to practice spoken English which is the main thing to gain the fluency and confidence when you converse in English with anyone. Understandably, for a better English, one needs to speak in English most of the time, and assuredly you need an English speaker to practice and speak in English with. Yet, most of the times we fail to get a partner to converse in English with. Right?This is the main concern individuals generally and lose the hope of learning English. However, with these many advents today in technology this is not an issue anymore. You can download the English practice app - EngVarta that may help you to converse in English with one to one Expert who may help you to improve your English and fluency. I have been using this app since a few weeks and I can feel the difference in my confidence in speaking English this day.
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    I like your idea! Here is your post with just a few corrections: I'd like to propose to all members of this forum a new section called "Right and Wrong", where every participant who posts in here, do that to shares a bit about himself; likes and dislikes, stories and anecdotes, dreams, etc. to pursue the goal of knowing each other a little bit more and also to practice or improve the learning of the wanted language the language you are learning. In this case, I started for with "Spanish - English", since I'm a Spanish language native and I'm learning English. This is how we can do it... If the native language of the participant is Spanish, he will post in that language and then he will do in English in the same post, but WITHOUT the help of translaters; the real purpose is that he can add comprensión improve his understanding of the language and practice by his own knowledge and with the guiding help of the other members. Whatever he don't doesn't know how to write he can leave as it is and put in bold. The participant who answers to corrrect will do that offering some examples, so all the people can understand and learn. Of course if what was written in a language the person thought he knew well but turns out poorly done another member who knows that language well can correct it. (Wow, that last sentence was a bit hard to translate.. someone else might have a better translation. I'm learning Italian so.... Mi piace imparare l'italiano perché è divertente e mi è piaciuta troppo Roma. Ascolto molto la musica italiana, mi fa ridere i video di Fabio Rovazzi. È anche utile verder sul youtube gli intervisti con i musici, per ascoltare la lingua. Ho voglio di guardare piu film italiani ma non trovo molto per guardare. Ci sono Cinema Paradiso in Amazon adesso, presto voglio guardarli. GRazie!
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    Hello from Mexico!

    Thank you, linguaholic, I'm gonna check that link. I will consider your advice.
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    Improving my Spanish

    I like RS a lot. I like the immersion style of teaching. There is no spoken or written English in the lessons. Immersion and conversation are the only ways to become fluent in a language, IMO. I'm also doing Duolingo, but there is a lot of translation between English and Spanish. It makes you do the translation in your head instead of teaching you to think Spanish. The only complaint I have about RS is that their speech recognition software could be a lot better. Sometimes if I completely mangle a sentence, it gives me a perfect score. RS is only $120 per year, and I don't plan to use it for over that. There is also an iPhone app that is free. It will cause a little eye strain.
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    Hello from Mexico!

    Warm Welcome Alro777! Hope you are having a good experience on linguaholic.com. Let me know if you need anything!
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    I agree with both linguaholic and Xequeo. My suggestion is to just change to an easier and more interesting book. I always wonder if there's research to prove my hypothesis, i.e. if the study material can be understood about 70 or 80%, you'll have the highest efficiency and make the fastest progress. This is about both reading and listening. Nowadays I don't allocate large chunks of time studying languages. I mostly read one page of Facebook newsfeed from Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, ... sometimes plus readers' comments, and memorize a few words or expressions I didn't know or know well. (I use an outdated web browser to read Facebook to avoid infinite scrolling.) Reading one page takes little time. But I do this a few times a day. Studying languages many times a day, but for a short duration every time, is efficient for me and keeps me interested.
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    Hola! I'm new to Spanish - only been learning for about a week at home. However, I already have deep understanding of romance languages as I speak French and some Italian. I can offer English help - lessons or cassual talking. Gracias!
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    Of course. I am always excited to see new people on my forum. Especially people who have a passion for studying languages....and that is mostly the case with people who register on my forum. hehe :))
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    How to Learn Languages in easy way

    There is no "easy" Way... If you start with such an idea you will be disappointed at some point and you could be tempted to quit your study. The language learning marketing started with "fluent in three months" and you find now on internet "French in one day" or even "a foreign language in two hours"... Forget! The trick is most of the apps (I have tried hundreds of them) are for beginner level with few or no grammar to be more glamourous and please the credit card holder. Later on, the cliff will be huge for "easy" app users... The truth is this is a winding road with hopes and despairs and you should mentally accept it in order to keep a strong spirit. Each language has difficult and easy aspects. Just keep rolling on! Itchy feet comics has a great one that sums it well: You have got on the market tools working well for different aspects of a language (writing, grammar, conversation...) that help you to better learn.
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    Help needed with a survey

    Just participated. Good luck with it.
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    Try live online English conversation room to talk in English with people from around the world : https://appear.in/english-conversation
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    I need a little hilfe :-)

    Hi, thank you very much for your reply! It's a bit tricky to explain - but here goes :-) It's for a children's story, and the commander of a wwii tank shouts to the loader in the tank, that he should load the cannon with ammo. The tricky bit is, that I need the word "Lasse" (name in Danish) to be part of the command given. That's why I had hopes for 'Lasse die kanone', because "lasse" could mean both "load" and also be his name. But I guess it doesn't work. I don't know if it makes sense to you at all. But perhaps you can come up with a different example where "lasse" (as a german verb) is included in the command, load the cannon?
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    Basically yes. In more detail: They do NOT want to scare people away because of ordering processes that are on the hand safe BUT complicated and on the other hand to scare people away because they do NOT offer a "purchase on account" option. Little bit weird sententce, after all:=) but that is how I would interpret it.
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    Only one reason why grammar is so difficult. Broca's area in the brain of age 16 years is usually completely full of native language's patterns. For adults we can't say "learn language", we should say "struggling to restructure small overloaded piece of the brain".
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    I don't think technology will make language-learning obsolete. If anything, it can make it much easier! Back in the day, one would usually have to hire an expensive private tutor to be taught a new language; now, you can download free apps like duolingo, or pay smaller fees for online courses. This definitely speeds up the learning process and integrates it into our fast-paced, technology-driven lives. I have been more motivated to learn new languages because of technology – not the other way around! I know that there are apps such as google translate, that give you instant translations and such, but I still don't think that it replaces the actual need to know another language. Now, pretty much anyone can learn a new language, which is great!
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    Japanese grammar resources

    Here is a good site to start with: http://www.learn-japanese.info/grammar.html
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    General / Language Courses: http://www.impariamoitaliano.com/ http://www.oneworlditaliano.com/index.htm http://parliamoitaliano.altervista.org/ http://www.educational.rai.it/ioparloitaliano/corso.htm http://www.italianolinguadue.it/ http://www.oggi-domani.com/site/tableofcontent.htm http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/italian/ Reading: http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/languages/it http://www.letteraturaitaliana.net/ http://www.medialibrary.it/home/home.aspx http://felicitaraggiunta.blogspot.com/ http://www.filastrocche.it/nostalgici/filastr.htm http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/italy.htm Video & Audio: http://www.almaedizioni.it/it/almatv/ http://www.rai.it/ http://www.radioitalia.it/ Grammar: http://grammaticaitaliana.net/ http://homes.chass.utoronto.ca/~ngargano/corsi/varia/indextesto.html http://grammatica-italiana.dossier.net/grammatica-italiana-06.htm http://www.culturaitaliana.it/e-learning/esercizi/index.asp Verb Conjugators: http://www.verbix.com/languages/italian.shtml http://www.italian-verbs.com/ Dictionaries: http://www.dizionario.rai.it/ricerca.aspx http://en.bab.la/dictionary/italian-english/ http://www.wordreference.com/enit/ http://www.sapere.it/sapere/dizionari.html http://parole.virgilio.it/parole/sinonimi_e_contrari/
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    Change to IPB Forum Software

    Dear All I proudly would like to announce that linguaholic.com will be changing to new forum software, soon. The site has been running on SMF (Simple Machines Forum Software) since day one and the overall experience with it was fantastic. However, as SMF basically is an open source forum software (and therefore free), it comes with some limitations and is probably not always up-to-date in terms of Design, User Friendliness and Features. Moreover, it is really difficult to offer the members a member-friendly mobile access to the page. As more and more members of linguaholic.com access the page with a mobile device, it is our top priority to ensure a mobile friendly environment. This is very hard to achieve with SMF and therefore we decided to move to IPB. IPB offers amazing forum software and has many mobile-friendly themes on the market. As for existing members of linguaholic.com, we do try to make the switch to IPB Software as smooth as possible. All individual posts, Ranks and Titles are supposed to be taken over to the new Software and should display in the same way it was the case with SMF. So if everything works out well, nothing will change with your member account! We will keep everyone updated about this change to IPB. Due to this change, linguaholic.com will be down for some time, soon. So if you are trying to access linguaholic.com and get an error, don't worry. The page will be up again as soon as possible (we are talking about 24 hours to a couple of days here, not more). I hope you will all enjoy the change to the new forum Software! Best wishes Linguaholic
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    What I do is after my friend is done speaking, I'll give them a confused look. That way they'll realize that I don't understand something. Then I'll repeat the word they mispronounced and they'll usually repeat it with me to reassure me that that's the correct word. It's not really directly telling them they misprounced a word, but it helps when they notice that others can't understand them.
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    They are the same. The difference in spelling is simply due to regional variations: British English v American Spelling. There are other words, such as excercize, exercise that are similarly variable. Generally, words ending with /ize/ are British and words ending in /ise/ are American. Canadian spelling usually uses the same as British, with a few variations. I hope this helps!
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    Japanese grammar resources

    I've been hunting a good website to help my understanding of the Japanese language and had never come across this site in all of my searching. Thank you for sharing, it looks like a very valuable resource.
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