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  1. Hi! I am trying to learn German now and I am a native English speaker from the US. I think German is relatively difficult. I have learned some Spanish before and I think German is much more difficult due to the complicated cases (dative, accusative, etc) and having to memorize the articles for all nouns (der, die, das). This is especially tough because we don't have any equivalent in English! I also find pronunciation in German to be challenging, but I'm getting much better than when I started learning. But, that being said, I think German is easier than say, Russian or Japanese. So, it's all relative! Good luck on your exchange in the US! where are you living for your exchange?
  2. Hi everyone! I just heard about this new app from a friend. I am an au pair in Munich right now so I am of course attempting to learn German, even though so far I think it's not an easy language! The app is called eKidz.eu and the idea is that you learn German by reading books in German. It is an application for iPad only right now and it's geared towards kids, but as an adult trying to learn German, it's still a fun way to learn German. For now the app is free and you have access to lots of different books with cute little animations and different levels of difficulty. If you download and try it out, let me know what you think. So far, I think it's a really cool idea!
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