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  1. There is only one answer to this question... ESPERANTO!!! This is an artificial language, and not many people speak it at this stage, so it isn't directly useful. HOWEVER It makes learning other languages easier. AND THAT IS WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT IT!!! Spanish is extremely easy internationally. Esperanto is fairly similar, but it is engineered to be even EASIER!
  2. Although Esperanto doesn't really have a culture, it is very useful as a gateway language. As an Aussie wth Jap heritage, I struggled learning English. My parents still are trash at English. Meanwhile, Esperanto isn't all that of a pain. Say, if you are an English speaker, it is much easier to even learn languages like Chinese, Japanese or Korean if you do so after you learn Esperanto. Esperanto is a gateway to different cultures, which makes your life easier learning other languages. In Australia, language barriers for English exists cause English is a bulls*** language. If Australia spoke Esperanto, the language barriers wouldn't be that bad, ESPECIALLY FOR ASIANS.
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