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  1. I am trying to say: "After that, he went home." So - "Danach, er ist zu Hause gegangen." Is this correct or is there a more elegant way to say? I am going to try and continually add different sentences and such I need help with in this topic as they come up. Thanks! Mitch
  2. I am a college student that is eager to learn German! I would really love to chat/Skype with someone that can help me with my German and likewise I can help with English! Anyone who is friendly, fun and not afraid to make mistakes would be an awesome language partner! Skype is perfect but also WhatsApp can work as well no problem Best Regards, Mitch
  3. I am currently a college student trying to get proficient in my German. I have taken it for 4-5 years in grade school but I never really made much progress just because the effort was never there. Now in college I have began to enjoy learning the language and everything that comes with it much more! I recently bought Rosetta Stone to go along with taking German courses at my university and it has been helping but I would really like a 1 on 1 tutor that can focus on particular areas and practice my speaking much more Cheers and happy learning! daymt17
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