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  1. Having to watch most of French movies without French subtitles, as they are not available most of the time. That reminds me of another big frustation, which is thinking I understanf French pretty well, and then not being able to understand half of a dialogue without saubtitles or captions.But frankly speaking I prefer some blogs that are led by simple bloggers. I heard they use all modern techniques of teaching, even the best hosting Zomro.net for their platforms to satisfy the clients needs on the highest level
  2. The idea is great but still needs to be improved. I also would like to create a mobile linguistic app but cant find a good developer.Can you please recommend any? I am looking for a freelancer or a company with many positive reviews and an experience in linguistic field. Is it real? What do you think? I read some reviews of Rubygarage (here is the link of their website https://rubygarage.org/services/mobile-app-development) but still hesitating.
  3. Also, any name with an ‘u’ or a ‘z’ in it. Once English speakers discover that Russian has a ‘yu’ sound and a ‘zh’ sound, they tend to go crazy, and mispronounce at every opportunity. If I had a ruble for every time I heard Putin misnamed “Pyutin,” I’d … have almost a dollar in change. Last month I spent travelling by train in Russia (this tour http://rusrailtravel.ru/trans-siberian) and should say that the best way to learn Russian is to be fully involved in speaking with russians
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