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  1. Hej! Forgive the sneaky "two years reply", but presuming you haven't already, I strongly recommend Memrise! They have a more amateurish feel in terms of audio recordings, which almost always puts me off, but it's got that sense of authenticity that I enjoy. Plus, it's actual native speakers teaching you and they speak at the same speed one would in conversation. Speaking and listening are definitely my weaker points, so it really helps.
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    Thank you so much - and an additional thank you for making this forum! I'm very excited to explore it further. - Emma
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    Hi, everyone! My name is Emma-Louise and I'm a wannabe linguist from England. I've been interested in language and how it connects to everything and everyone since I was tiny, but I've only really started exploring linguistics and the communities surrounding it more intensively for the last couple of years. I wasn't fortunate enough to study at University, so instead I teach myself and I share my findings over on my YouTube channel, where I will in no way complain should you choose to venture in that direction. My biggest interest is words, the importance specific ones hold in history and society and pretending I'm better at Swedish than I actually am. Speaking of what I'm actually studying; Swedish & French for the time being, although I have dabbled in the odd bit of Greek, German, Turkish, Mandarin, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Esperanto, Russian & Japanese. Outside of linguistics, I'm very interested in travel, international borders, staring at maps, cats of all shapes and sizes, fashion design, museums, photography ... and social media. I'm 25, Jennifer, we can't all be cultured and perfect like you. I've attached a photo of my brilliant face so you know what I look like, in case I write something stupid in here later on and you need to laugh at me.
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