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Found 19 results

  1. Hi! I would like to know more about virtual language communities as part of my teacher-trainer programme (regarding Foreign languages and ICT) and I'd like to know how such a community works!
  2. DSM


    Hi, everyone! My name is Emma-Louise and I'm a wannabe linguist from England. I've been interested in language and how it connects to everything and everyone since I was tiny, but I've only really started exploring linguistics and the communities surrounding it more intensively for the last couple of years. I wasn't fortunate enough to study at University, so instead I teach myself and I share my findings over on my YouTube channel, where I will in no way complain should you choose to venture in that direction. My biggest interest is words, the importance specific ones hold in history and society and pretending I'm better at Swedish than I actually am. Speaking of what I'm actually studying; Swedish & French for the time being, although I have dabbled in the odd bit of Greek, German, Turkish, Mandarin, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Esperanto, Russian & Japanese. Outside of linguistics, I'm very interested in travel, international borders, staring at maps, cats of all shapes and sizes, fashion design, museums, photography ... and social media. I'm 25, Jennifer, we can't all be cultured and perfect like you. I've attached a photo of my brilliant face so you know what I look like, in case I write something stupid in here later on and you need to laugh at me.
  3. Let me know what you think! I am right here, helping you with your English any time you need! I can translate from French & Spanish to English, vice versa, so I will be using this tool to teach my readers. Enjoy my page!
  4. Hi there, My name is Sergio and I have just found this forum; I'm working as a teacher in a online website and I'm always looking for new things to learn, interesting topics to show to my students, new resources and materials... My mother tongue is Spanish, and I can manage in French, English and Portuguese. I have some knowledges of Italian nd German too, but not enough to have a fluent conversation... This place seems very active and quite well organized, and that's a really good thing, I love it! So I think I'll stay around... Thank to you all in advance!
  5. Hello, my name is Irina, and I am from Saratov, Russia. For years and years English seemed quite enough for me, but recently I got a weird idea into my head to become a polyglot, so now I'm learning Mandarin Chinese and Italian, and my plans for the next two years contain French, German, Japanese and Spanish. I'm not sure yet that this list won't grow. I can answer questions about Russian, so if you are learning this language, please do not hesitate to ask me to help.
  6. Hey, friends, my name's Evan and I've been getting really into language learning for the better part of a year now. I'm currently studying French in high school (senior year) but I do must of my studying outside of class, and I've recently started learning a bit of Hebrew as I love the sound of the language, the look of it written, and the history of it. Other than languages I'm big into history, science, rpgs both tabletop and video games, and lots of other stuff.
  7. Hi there everyone. My name is Kelsey. I am learning several languages, but this month I am working intensively on conversational Hindi. I keep a log of my weekly progress here. I'm close to C1/C2 in German, which I will be pursuing later in the year. When I'm not working on my job portfolio, I enjoy reading, writing, the news, drawing, anime, video games and linguistics.
  8. My name is Chris and I am very glad I found this place. I am a native Greek speaker, seeking to improve my German and Italian skills. I will be glad to help others improve their Greek and perhaps their English skills, alas to a lesser degree. I believe that's enough for the first post, catch you later.
  9. Hi there! My name is Valeria I am Italian and I love languages, like everyone here I suppose! I studied English and German, but they are a bit rusty now, so any help for keep them "fit" is welcome, I'm also planning to learn portuguese and japanese ( perfect match, don' t you think?)...Hope my brain will bear all of them Oh... I am a teacher, I teach Italian online, if any of you is interested in studying Italian, I' m here! Ciao, a presto!
  10. Hi Everyone, I am interested in learning multiple languages. I am currently learning mandarin as I have to go on an assignment to HK and then the mainland soon. But, I have always been interested in learning languages and have tried learning French, German, and Russian. While I was taught French by an instructor, I could never really get up to speed with the language. I self-taught myself Russian using apps and a book in my library. The German's still a touchy topic with me, because I want to learn the language, but I have had no time to learn it properly so far. Hoping to learn a lot from you guys! Cheers!
  11. Hi! I'm Marg, and I speak English (American), and I'm currently learning how to speak French! The reason I'm trying to be fluent in French is because, while I had to learn either Spanish or French for school to graduate, I have relatives in Quebec whose first language is French, and my goal is to one day be able to communicate with them without translating from french to english and vice versa in my head. Other languages I would like to learn include German, Italian, and Spanish!
  12. Hello all. I just joined this site and I'm currently studying various languages. I speak English as my first language because I'm American and I've been using the internet to learn other languages that are either connected to my family heritage or something I studied in school years ago and want to relearn for myself. I'm not sure how much information I'm supposed to give for my introduction post but I would be happy to answer questions people have for me about the languages I know. I'm approximately 50% fluent in French and I'm at the intermediate beginner level as a speaker of Spanish and Yiddish. My fascination with learning these languages brought me here to this forum. I look forward to the discussions and advice from other linguistic students.
  13. Hi there! My name is Oscar and I come from a little island in Spain, called Menorca. I have been learning Vietnamese for more than 5 years and I like it very much, as well as the country. Besides that, this year I began to study French because it is quite similar to Catalan in many aspects. Though it obviously also has many unique French words. Moreover, I have been teaching Spanish, Catalan and English for more than 5 years. Finally, I enjoy teaching and learning new languages, writing some posts in my blogs, and travelling. See you around!
  14. Hey everyone! My name is Bree. My native tongue is English! I know a small amount of Spanish and I know the alphabet in sign language. I'm hoping to get better at Spanish here. I might even find another language interest. Nice to meet you all!
  15. Hi, I'm Hange. I've been looking for different sites to exchange languages or find someone to help me in learning my target languages. This site looked interesting so I thought I'd check it out. Anyways, I'm learning French in school and Norwegian on my own at home. So... yeah, I hope to better my language skills here!
  16. Hello, I'm here because I love learning languages. I am studying French, Russian, and Arabic now. I also hope to become a language teacher, some day. I've been passionate about learning languages for a while now, but it's something that I've done mostly on my own or, when possible, in school. I have not been in the habit of frequenting language forums, but I am excited to become a member of Linguaholic. I will try to post about my language learning adventures regularly and I look forward to reading others' posts too.
  17. Hey guys! I'm R34Linguist. I joined yesterday but was lurking around a bit before that. Being able to communicate to different people around the world has always interested me and so I'm trying to add a few more languages to my list. I'm fluent in Tamil, English and Telegu and am currently trying to learn Spanish (I've had a bit of success in it due to taking classes at my school). Hope to see you guys around! Nandri, R34Linguist
  18. Hi everyone I'm Keith from Ireland, I'm in the middle of learning a few new languages and thought this forum would be useful. I look forward to getting to know you all over these next few months.
  19. Hello everyone! I'm a new forum member who is learning to speak both Japanese and Korean. Most of my effort is going into Korean; I put my learning of Japanese on hold recently. Someday, I would like to teach English abroad. It's really nice to meet you all!
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