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Found 11 results

  1. Online Languages ® Discord is a dedicated server hosting interactive language-related activities: learning, teaching, studying, translating and exchanging. We Offer: English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish, Chinese and much more.. Hope you enjoy being a part of our highly active community! To join us you should follow these steps : 1-You should install discord from the play store. 2-Then you sign up on discord . 3-You will find symbol + with green color in the left side you click on that and you choose the last option 'join the a server. then you paste the link ⬇️ https://discord.gg/5TA3BGUuGR
  2. Abro este tema para interactuar con gente aprendiendo el idioma y proporcionarle correcciones pertinentes si aplican. Así que, ¿ Qué tal si empezamos con un tema habitual?. Comentenme lo que quieran sobre su trasfondo cultural: costumbres de tu familia, las efemérides de tu comunidad, lo bueno, lo malo etc.
  3. I'm a Spanish teacher on lockdown because of the pandemic, I want to help you learn Spanish. I'm a native Spanish speaker, currently on lockdown I'm Bilbao, north Spain. To exorcise the virus scare and to show myself I can do something useful for someone even if I can't teach my classes while the lockdown lasts, I've decided to start creating content for people who are learning Spanish. I made a first video to gather some advice from you. If you can watch it and answer (here or on YouTube) it would mean so much for me :) Here's the link to the video: https://youtu.be/toxoCrxK7d0 Thanks to all of you, I hope I can help you even just a little bit. Channel: Spanish with Lex
  4. Hey there! I'm a 20-year-old English guy and I'd like to practice any of these languages: French (Intermediate) Italian (Intermediate) Spanish (Intermediate) Portuguese (Beginner) Irish (Beginner) Mandarin (Beginner) I find it useful doing a penpal thing through emails but I'd be up for other things like Skype etc. Let me know
  5. Hola a todos! Hi, I'm currently two months deep into intense(ish) study of Spanish and my goal is to challenge myself to become conversational by Christmas this year (2017) I'm doing at least an hour every day, listening to Spanish music, studying grammar and also supplementing my learning with the language hacking Spanish book by Benny Lewis. However where I live there is a distinct lack of Spanish, and so I have turned to the internet to help and to try immerse myself, I hoped that videoing my progress/attempts might help as the internet can hold the cruellest of critics and thought that would be a good way to be picked up for my mistakes, however I don't appear to be getting views or opinions from anyone so don't know where I'm going wrong! I would be crazy grateful if people on here would give my spanish updates (which i will continue on here) a watch and point out anywhere I am going wrong, of course if people want to they are welcome to subscribe to follow my progress on youtube, but that isn't my goal, my goal is to learn Spanish. Thank you for your harshest of criticisms in advance Also apologies that my Spanish is at a very poor level! HERE IS THE LINK TO MY YOUTUBE VIDEO:
  6. Hola, quiero invitarlos a ver mi curso de español en videotutoriales (http://espanolenverdea2.blogspot.com.es). Espero que les guste. ¡Un saludo!
  7. Hi there! My name is Oscar and I come from a little island in Spain, called Menorca. I have been learning Vietnamese for more than 5 years and I like it very much, as well as the country. Besides that, this year I began to study French because it is quite similar to Catalan in many aspects. Though it obviously also has many unique French words. Moreover, I have been teaching Spanish, Catalan and English for more than 5 years. Finally, I enjoy teaching and learning new languages, writing some posts in my blogs, and travelling. See you around!
  8. Hello community. Native spanish speaker here and I'm willing to help you with grammar explanations, translations and more. I helped people with their spanish before, when I was actively participating in a well known page called 'Lang - 8'. Anyway; Looking forward to provide any assistance. Regards;
  9. Hey everybody! We are Gutenberg Institute. Our goal is to create the best e-learning experience in an easy and accessible way. We offer online classes of foreign languages with native speakers. All our teachers of foreign languages are qualified specialists. Our institute offers the following languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian.: English, French, Spanish and Russian. Gutenberg Institute has all the advantages of traditional education as well as extra benefits. Moreover, with Gutenberg Institute you will not pay for working alone with Internet resources. You only pay for classes in groups and individual classes with a teacher ... and you get for free digital books, mobile apps, and a big learning support. All while you learn from home or work! http://gutenberginstitute.com/ More info about us: OUR CLASSES Our classes are limited to 8 students and provided with techniques to optimize and maximize the Students-Talking time. However, if you prefer studying directly with a teacher, we offer you individual classes as well. OUR TEACHERS ARE... 100% Native speakers, graduated in Education and specialist in e-learning teaching VIRTUAL CLASSROOM (IN GROUPS) All the classes are recorded and are available in our server, and you don't need to install anything. Moreover, you can meet your group mates there at any other time, do the homework in a cooperative way, and much more! VIRTUAL CLASSROOM (INDIVIDUAL CLASSES) Work with the best tool for video-conferencing: Google Hangouts. It doesn't require installation, and includes lots of features to dynamize your classes (such as special sound and visual effects, electronic white-board, etc). Moreover, you will learn to work cooperatively with your teachers with Google Drive, a virtual disk for creating and sharing documents (presentations, texts...) and work with them in real-time. OUR METHODOLOGY We work only with a communicative approach, based in collectives-work (pairs, groups of 3, 4, etc.), oriented to a task-based resolution learning and empowered by social networks and 2.0 technology! CROSS-PLATFORM CONTENTS Get connected from any device and stay tuned online&offline with lots of content for mobile devices
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