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  1. French is a verb conjugating nightmare just like spanish, with an additional layer of difficulty with the tricky pronunciation. Common belief claim that native spanish and italians can learn french more easily than people from germanic backgrounds, but I really can't tell.
  2. The few things I know from french language is mostly self-taught with flashcards, I use Anki decks to review vocabulary, but I suck big time with grammar.
  3. You can backup yourself with Grammarly to autocorrect all your articles sentence implementation mistakes, just an idea.
  4. Mmm I can't agree about the misuse of articles, but if we are talking in practical terms, you really don't need it and refrain from using them will allow people to still communicate each other just fine. Seems fairly straightforward and simple,just like Esperanton, I encourage you to make a video showing all the proper pronountiations. Which I guess it might sound quite dutch. By the way, there are companies that are dedicated to design languages for entertainment media like movies or tv series. The Doth'raki language from Games of Throne is an example of them.
  5. If u want to build a vocabulary at a faster pace, you should increase the workload slightly more, like 20 or 25. You can go ahead hardcore mode and learn 50, but it'll take more than 2 hours from your time. Is some serious commitment, you know.
  6. The reasons I gave up on learning another language were mere by convenience purposes. There were another things I required to do that also needed amount of time I was investing on them. I'm not entirely gave up though, I just save it for a future.
  7. The modern dialects of Nahuatl spoken in the Valley of Mexico are closest to Classical Nahuatl, which was the tongue of the ancient aztecs. According to sources, is spoken by about 1.5 million people in Mexico. The majority of speakers live in central Mexico, particularly in Puebla, Veracruz, Hildago, San Luis Potosi, Guerrero, Mexico (state), El Distrito Federal, Tlaxcala, Morelos and Oaxaca, and also in El Salvador.
  8. After giving some thoughts about it, I realized that the hardest languages to learn are the most obscure ones, that also are quite faraway of your native tongue's grammar and alphabet structure. And with obscure I meant languages with very scarce learning sources and where only a few people actually are fluent on it.
  9. To say that Latin is dead, though in some sense true, is not a particularly helpful observation when it comes to education. Plato and Cicero and Shakespeare and George Washington and the rest of the Founding Fathers are also dead, but we still study them because they have important things to say about human nature and have shaped our civilization.
  10. According to sources, Nikolai Tesla spoke eight languages: Serbo-Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Latin. That He was a genius is something completely out of question, but I wonder how He was his approach to learn a skill. He was an inquisitive man, and I He knew how to harness the power of his mind and use it to take advantage of all its potential. If everyone could do the same, I'm sure many people would be really surprised to realize what are the capable of.
  11. Don't forget about the generic "calzado" too. Is pretty neutral to use this word, so I encourage it to use it. There is no way anyone may find confusing under any circumstance.
  12. I don't care much about it. I always regarded it as something composed by two letters, instead of an individual one.
  13. "Tú" is a second person subject. "Tu" is a possessive pronoun. Tú is you, not any way to make a confusion out of it. Tu is your, as simply as that.
  14. If you want to make a living out of english writing, sure, this is a neat way to actually improve your skills and pave your way towards english language mastery. Otherwise, just use free alternative.
  15. Mr. House, from Fallout New Vegas. An ambitious scientist that found his own way towards immortality, although at the expense of his own quality of life. Anyways, Mr. House is an eccentric bloke and the mind behind the foundation of a Post Apocalyptic Las Vegas, restoring not only the brimming wealth of former classic Vegas but all the decadence for what is also well known (hookers, snobbish societies, gangs, booze, etc.). He's not necessarily an evil person, but He can easily antagonize your interests if you choose not to follow his selfish dream of establishing a technocracy; where onl
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