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  1. Hi there! In my previous post I introduced "Everyday Spanish! ", my blog about Spanish language and culture. This time I would like to introduce my other blog. It is called "Viviendo en Vietnam" or Living in Vietnam, in English. This blog is not just about my stay in Vietnam, but it also contains posts about language, culture, the way of thinking and living of its people, and the delicious food! And you can also use it to learn some Spanish, why not? I write weekly for this blog. Currently I am writing it in Spanish, and it is about some experiences that I have been ha
  2. Thank you for your warm welcome, linguaholic! Nice to meet you. I am also surprised by the three languages that you are studying, that looks challenging and interesting!
  3. Hi there! As I said in my introduction, I would like to introduce my two blogs to you. This time I will introduce my blog about Spanish language and culture. I write from time to time on it. I like to see it growing up with new posts, while sharing some Spanish culture and travelling experiences. Its name is "Everyday Spanish!". It is about Spanish culture and language. I am writing it in English, and it also has posts about other topics related to Spanish culture like music or videos. The website is http://everyday-spanish.blogspot.com . You are welcome! I will be glad to see you
  4. Hi there! My name is Oscar and I come from a little island in Spain, called Menorca. I have been learning Vietnamese for more than 5 years and I like it very much, as well as the country. Besides that, this year I began to study French because it is quite similar to Catalan in many aspects. Though it obviously also has many unique French words. Moreover, I have been teaching Spanish, Catalan and English for more than 5 years. Finally, I enjoy teaching and learning new languages, writing some posts in my blogs, and travelling. See you around!
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