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Found 6 results

  1. It's not my site but... I believe you all might find it useful. WordBrewery is a new website that pulls sentences from the news. They are then categorized by level and topic. There's also a search bar so you can find specific words in context. Audio, translation, and the source article are included. It's also possible to save words and sentences to lists, and export these to Anki. It's currently free to use. Like every other app, all you need to do is register. Personally... I use it for German, as it doesn't have Hindi yet. But it's rather nice, because it's hard to find advanced materials for many languages I'm interested in, such as Modern Greek and Arabic. I use it as a warm up and to find context to words. I'm also considering using Anki, so if I decide to, I'll start exporting all my lists. Current Languages: Arabic Spanish French Italian Portuguese English Swedish Russian Serbian Japanese Modern Greek Polish Hungarian Ukrainian Norwegian Korean Chinese German
  2. Hello everyone, I'm currently learning German and Norwegian and would love to make some friends who I can practise these languages with. I'm fluent in English so if any of you has an interest in English too I can do my best to help you out with that. I'm happy to exchange messages here or email is fine too. Hoping to hear from you guys Niveaa
  3. Hi, I'm Hange. I've been looking for different sites to exchange languages or find someone to help me in learning my target languages. This site looked interesting so I thought I'd check it out. Anyways, I'm learning French in school and Norwegian on my own at home. So... yeah, I hope to better my language skills here!
  4. So, I really want to learn Norwegian. I visited Norway in December and really became interested in it. I do plan on living in Norway one day. My problem is that I live in a tiny, tiny place in Wales and there's no one here that could teach me the language. What's my best solution to learning the language? Should I just self-teach myself?
  5. Hello, I'm a native English speaker from Los Angeles, Ca. I have taken some basic german classes in college but my skills have begun to atrophy due to not having anyone to converse with. Thus, I'm searching for a language exchange partner. I would also be interested in learning Norwegian as well, being a strong part of my heritage (my bestemor never taught me :/ )
  6. Hi all! I've been stuck with my choices a lot over the years. Here is a quick background of my language learning: I'm a native English speaker, I learned French in school and got a B in my GCSEs. A few years ago I started to learn Japanese, then Spanish, then Norwegian, then Esperanto, then Japanese again... as you can see, I have a lot of interest in many languages but I have problems committing to one. Part of the reason for this is that I have various mental illnesses that make concentrating difficult (bad excuse I know). However I don't want to give up and I strongly believe that I can learn a language if I try hard enough. I use the pimsleur or teach yourself methods, depending on the language. I also use duolingo and memrise. The main two I am zoning in on are: Norwegian: - At first, I started this one as I know it's close to English and I wanted a language I could progress quickly in. I ended up absolutely falling in love with the language and culture. - I have various friends in Scandinavia. I found that I was able to understand Swedish and Danish to a degree, and even had a conversation in Norwegian at a few events! - I am still a beginner of course, but I feel I can progress really quickly in this language. Japanese: - I have different reasons for learning Japanese. I am a member of the Shinto faith and wish to fully immerse myself in the rituals and such involved. I also wish to visit Japan and go to Fushimi Inari Taisha. - It's a dumb reason, but I also watch a lot of anime and read manga. Therefore I would love to be able to consume the media in the original forms, without subtitles. - My main problem with Japanese is the commitment level needed. I've tried so many times and failed, and although I really want to learn it and it would be a great advantage for me, learning it without a teacher or such is difficult. Really what I am looking for is some advice... I am sick of moving from language to language and I want to commit myself. I know Norwegian is a lot easier and is a gateway language to other Scandinavian languages, but as Japanese is a goal also I feel that I could be spending my time learning that instead? On the other hand I feel that learning Norwegian may give me the confidence I need to tackle Japanese. Any advice is welcome! This has been eating at me for so long! - Matt
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