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  1. I started learning French for school, but I had the option between French and Spanish, and I chose French because my dad's side of the family is French Canadian and their first language is French, and I want to be able to communicate with them easier.
  2. I always get super awkward speaking French around my French Canadian relatives. I need to work on it, because it won't get better until I keep speaking it more and more often!
  3. My French speaking family is French Canadian, but when I use Parisian French with them, they understand what I'm saying. For the most part, the two forms of the language is the same, except for some vocab shifts, kind of like the difference between American English and British English.
  4. I am currently learning French in high school, but due to scheduling issues I have a gap year between French last year (my second to last French class) and the last French class offered at my school. In college, I might start to learn another language rather than continue in French.
  5. Hi! I'm Marg, and I speak English (American), and I'm currently learning how to speak French! The reason I'm trying to be fluent in French is because, while I had to learn either Spanish or French for school to graduate, I have relatives in Quebec whose first language is French, and my goal is to one day be able to communicate with them without translating from french to english and vice versa in my head. Other languages I would like to learn include German, Italian, and Spanish!
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