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  1. Hello! Try HelloChinese app (google play) Another good one is DuChinese
  2. Yet another thing you might try is setting computer interface language to French. You know, "boîte de réception" instead of Inbox, Envoyer for Send, etc
  3. I liked that advice the most! That technique engages your cognitive abilities to remember the idea of the word, not just a match in your native language. At some point I even tried backward approach - when struggling to remember or explaining a word's meaning in my native language I first looked it up in English to English dictionary
  4. Hello! I believe that English is one of the most '"translated to" languages, so as nowadays computers use vast number of people translated text to find the perfect match in the translate to language pair, learn it and then using google translate apl talk to anyone
  5. Hello! I agree with Nuker! Chat bots, machine translation are good for understanding, pronunciation practice and peeking up new vocabulary, but only engaging with real native speaker builds your confidence and broadens your limits. And some will take so long to master Sports and cuisine domains are still my limits, for example, even after many years of studying English
  6. Hello! All above are great advices! As an admirer of tech I would recommend Google Translate ap's conversation mode. Talking to machine never is embarrassing even if one had the most horrible prononciation skills
  7. Hello! I would recommend YouTube channel français authentique . Guy there gives all sort of useful advices, speaks French distinctly and what is the best have all videos subtitled
  8. Hello! Here is a briefly outlined quite radical approach to learn languages at this era of smartphones. As a dictionary is in your hand and always ready to be called ( I assume google translate is on every smartphone), training in general and video training in particular should be focused on what machines are still bad at and probably will be bad in coming 3-5 years. Namely, GT conversation mode does not produce good enough transcription of what several people saying at the same moment and what a person says when the voice is mixing with music, for example. I dare to state th
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