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  1. I think it's important to mention the perseverance factor. No matter how "easy" the language, if you don't stick with it then it will never be "learned". The example being, my mother language is English. In theory, languages like Spanish, French and German should be the easiest for me (as they are some of the closest languages to English.) However, I have very little interest in these languages. I don't really have much of a reason to use them and so I would probably give up along the way. Instead, I chose Japanese. A language which is one of the most different (and by extension most difficult) for native English speakers. Sure, it will take me longer and it's more of a challenge but the fact that I'm more interested in the language and the culture means that I am more likely to stick to it (as I have done for the last 1.5 years) and eventually become proficient in speaking it.
  2. Input. Use the sounds as well but do it under guidance (teacher / language exchange partner) so they can tell you what you're doing wrong and how you can correct it. Once you have got this feedback and know what to do correctly then... Practise
  3. http://englishxp.co.uk/uncategorized/christmas-2018-competition/ There is now a competition open to win x3 English lessons. Check the link for more details.
  4. What I find with this method is it is better for reinforcing knowledge you already know. When you are starting out it's not so good. The only times you can learn new things is if somebody says a word in isolation, but the more of the language you acquire the more effective this becomes. This is from a guy who has been watching Anime and learning Japanese for over a year now.
  5. http://englishxp.co.uk/student-resources/english-lessons-group-or-private/ Today we look at the pros and cons for group lessons vs private lessons.
  6. I would like a proficient teacher. I'm sure I would be more drawn to a teacher with a personality but it isn't my number one concern. That being said, I think everyone is different. I think for people who are more socially driven they would probably make having someone they get on with more of a priority. Compare this to someone who is more focused on results (regardless of the experience) they may prefer someone who will get those results (even if it isn't so fun.)
  7. Hi all, my website... http://englishxp.co.uk ...is designed to provide free information on learning English. It includes specific topics such as grammar points, pronunciation etc. As well as this I try to provide more general guides that tackle things like 'improving quickly' and how to learn without spending any money. I will keep any updates to this thread to keep the board nice and clean for everyone else's resources. Any feedback is always appreciated. Good luck! -Jon
  8. Hi all! I'm an English teacher, currently studying Japanese & Mandarin. Happy to be here
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