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  1. Learning English is quite interesting for me! But I have poor writing skills and often have problems with writing essays. I even bought several assignments from homework service https://writingpeak.co.uk/homework-help-online. How can I improve my skills? What should I do?
  2. I think yes, why no? If you like sport also I recommend to read different blogs and websites about sport like https://777score.in/ and you will learn new words and many other.
  3. Don’t read. Reading will not help your pronunciation. Quite the opposite - reading tends to reinforce bad pronunciation habits as you hear your own incorrect speech over and over again. LISTEN. Listen to movies and audio books. There are many audio recordings of the Bible or other books on religious topics, and some are free (if you’re actually interested in those kinds of things). Of course, you need not restrict your listening to religious books. Choose something you like at the appropriate level. You can read along if it’s necessary for comprehension. Movies are even better, because you will connect the sound of people’s speech to images and situations. In other words, movies are less abstract and more natural for conversation. You should do about 2 hours of listening per day (if you have time). After 2–4 months, your language ability will have improved tremendously. BUT YOU’RE NOT DONE YET!! Now, having heard and understood the way native speakers make all the sounds of the language, and the way they put them together, you can double the naturalness of your pronunciation with one simple exercise. Listen to a single sentence. Play that sentence several times just to hear what it sounds like, including pitch and rhythm and all the sounds (remember, sounds are not written letters, but sometimes written letters are good representations of sounds). Then, play the sentence and repeat immediately afterwards, EXACTLY how the speaker said it. Do the same thing 30 times per sentence. 30 minutes to 1 hour per day for 1 or 2 months, in addition to one hour of listening to audio books or watching movies. Now you’ve spent 3–6 months doing intense listening and speaking activities. People will be utterly amazed by your increased ability to speak and understand, and your ability to be part of conversations. If there is a person who hasn’t seen you during those six months, s/he will wonder how you suddenly improved your speaking so dramatically. After that, you can try doing reading and speaking exercises. Record yourself speaking sentences or reading paragraphs. Listen to yourself and decide what was good and bad. But then, you must also ask a native speaker what was correct and incorrect. They may be able to help you sort out the finer points of pronunciation. You can even have a native speaker read the same thing and compare your pronunciation. I wish you the best in your endeavors. Always listen carefully.
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