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  1. Could you perhaps construct a sentence using "lasse"? Then I will try to find a way to make it a play-on-words later. Thanks for all your help!
  2. So, just to be clear - is there no way to construct a correct sentence in German using "lasse"? Thanks again! Much appreciated!
  3. Hi Marcel, thank you very much! It makes sense to me, what you're writing. The thing is, that I need it to be "lasse" (it's a play on words in the story). Is there any way it could be "lasse" - for example if it doesn't have to be as an imperative? Is it possible to construct something similar - but then using "lasse"? I know it's tricky :-) Thanks again!
  4. Hi, thank you very much for your reply! It's a bit tricky to explain - but here goes :-) It's for a children's story, and the commander of a wwii tank shouts to the loader in the tank, that he should load the cannon with ammo. The tricky bit is, that I need the word "Lasse" (name in Danish) to be part of the command given. That's why I had hopes for 'Lasse die kanone', because "lasse" could mean both "load" and also be his name. But I guess it doesn't work. I don't know if it makes sense to you at all. But perhaps you can come up with a different example where "lasse" (as a german verb) is included in the command, load the cannon?
  5. Hello, I know that it is probably not the most correct grammar - but can you use the following translation: 'Lasse die kanone' to mean 'load the cannon'?
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