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  1. It's Japanese. Written 接心 or 摂心. You can paste the word in Jisho (Online Japanese Dictionary) to see what it means.
  2. I saw your WK-review and think it's quite good, Lingua. I love WK for its community as well as the Kanji and will definitely return when I pick up Japanese again. What is your username there? I might know you^ Ich bin aus Deutschland. Schön dich kennenzulernen.
  3. Hello to everyone who reads this. So I finally decided to learn French after somewhat quitting stopping my studies of Japanese. I've gotten started a little already but I noticed something was missing. A community! During my tie studying Japanese I had a blast being a part of the WaniKani community and now I am looking forward to joining the Linguaholics (If you call yourselves that). There you go, this is my introduction and I'm looking forward to getting to know many of you. : )
  4. Oh the Hungarians love to swear. And their language makes them very good at it. You can call your best friend an *** and a low *** and it may even come off as friendly.
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