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  1. The importance of French on the international scene is becoming more and more critical, especially given the likely technological jump in francophone Africa. The advantages of speaking French are numerous. French is a Professional and Political Cornerstone. French is the most expansive language in the world–stretching 5 of the 6 inhabited continents–and an official language of the European Union, many African countries, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and of course, France. It is the Language of Reason, Law, and Love. Structuring much of the legal foundation Europe now calls its justice system, French words can be found accross legal texts, all emanating from Napoleanic Code. If you’re interested in American law, you will surely come accross terms such as voire dire in the thick jury selection legal framework. French is has an incredible litterary and philosophic history, making up much of what we consider today as comtemporary philosophy. France was also such an integral part of the American Revolution that many of the Enlightenment and Transcendental ideas have a base in French texts. The very ideals so many Americans hold dear spun out of French Enlightenment writers. Paris is the most beautiful western city in my opinion. There is such much culture, so many different nationalities, significant political summits, and more. I feel like I’m travelling the globe in Paris. In order to succeed in visiting or living in Paris, you must speak French. Parisians don’t take too kindly to people expecting them to speak English. French Opens Doors to Commerce in Both Hemispheres. Because France is spoken accross the globe, it opens doors to business opportunities in every time zone. You might be thinking, “Wait, Noah, I can also speak English with these people.” To a degree you’re right. Most successful international businesspeople will speak English. But how much of a business decision is based on mutual trust? I have often found myself in discussions with French speakers. If we’re speaking in English and there is a communication problem, I can always rectify it in French. This has saved more than one meeting. French People are Notoriously Weak in English. So yes, most business people will speak English. However, I use French in 90% of business transactions with French speakers because, for whatever reason, they are notoriously weak in English. If you go to Germany, however, you might find yourself trying to keep up with the high-level command of English. I often get the impression Germans speak English better than I do… I recommend looking at thefrenchobjective.com if you're interested in learning. The articles have a good amount of information, and there's a free ebook
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