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  1. Why not try learning language with a language partner as direct or supplementary language learning tool? Learn it in a funny, relaxing and joyful way. Why should we learn language in a tiring and exhausting way? Just try some new thing of language learning which is quite different from traditional classes - finding a language partner. I download and try the app FYLP. Quite amazing.
  2. The key of learning English is frequent practice as it involves numerous vocabs, words and sentence structures. The app FYLP is quite useful as I can find an English Language Partner through it and keep chatting with her. I improve my English skills through frequent communication with English. And I can make a new friend at the same time. It is time to learn language in new and relaxing way, but not stressful, boring, costly, time-consuming.............. https://fylp.com/
  3. Recently I start learning Japanese in tradition tutorial classes but it is ineffective for me. I have tried the app fylp and I can learn Japanese with a Japan local language partner. Quite good to keep practising.
  4. I like to learn new languages. However, for traditional classes and tutorials, they are costly and boring, and I lack of opportunities to practice. For internet learning, it lacks of motivation which keeps me learning the new language. Makes me so headache~~~ Recently used an app called FYLP and it helps me find a language partner. As I want to learn Japanese, I have been matched with a Japanese language partner, and we keep chatting using the app. At first, we use English to chat. As we are more familiar with each other, as she keeps teaching me new words and structures, we start using more and more Japanese to communicate. We always share our daily life with each other. I can learn Japanese in a funny and effective way through this app as Japanese immerses in our communication. I do not need to memorize hardly. I can know more about Japanese culture too. And I can make more foreign friends through this app too~~~ https://fylp.com/
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