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  1. Hello everyone, I personally believe that it all depends on the learner, their interests, background and of course, native tongue. Something that I find easy, might be difficult for someone else. So the best thing to do is to follow your gut, this is what I always say If you like the language, you should definitely pursue it. I've written an article about this couple of months ago, it might help: https://www.justlearn.com/blog/what-are-the-easiest-languages-to-learn-our-lists-and-tips Good luck!
  2. Hi everyone, If you are looking to practice your foreign language skills by talking to native speakers, go ahead and give https://www.justlearn.com/dashboard a try! There are a lot of amazing native tutors out there and you even have the possibility to book a trial lesson to see how you like it On https://www.justlearn.com/blog you can also find a lot of tips and tricks that might be beneficial for your learning journey. Let me know your thoughts and good luck!
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