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  1. Hi, Austrian German is 1 version of many scores of German versions on the market. I'm sure than within Austria that there are quite a few versions, just because they have been in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France. Some claim that Dutch is only a version of German language. Therefore, your query does not compute. Imagine someone asking"How is Neel Kumar distinct in men of Indian origin residing in Silicon Valley?" Some anecdotes: They used to talk with one another in English. Why? Since one had been from East Prussia while another was out of Alsace and, while they spo
  2. Learn French in SevenMentor for your better career. They have Best French language training in Pune which are based on market needs. Their trainers are certified and have market knowledge. That’s why they have students from all parts of India and out of India. If they are providing these facilities at affordable fees then why to choose others. Highly recommend their courses.
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