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  1. I frequently have trouble with small terms like "her" and "da" take for instance: “Siehe, ich sende meinen Engel vor dir her, der da bereite deinen Weg vor dir.” "Behold, I am sending my angel before you (why the "her"?), who prepares the way before you (why the "da")? In the Greek, the verb for prepare is in the future tense. Does the "da" in German hae a similar effect in certain settings?
  2. Ahh. I see. I mistakenly assumed that von took genitive. thank you
  3. Can someone help me understand the use of the dative below? Dies ist der Anfang des Evangeliums von Jesus Christus, dem Sohn Gottes, In other languages would have expected this to be a nominative or a genitive. But why the dative here?
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