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  1. Apart from English, Spanish is the other most widely spoken language in different countries around the world. There are an estimated over 427 million Spanish speakers. Spanish is the official language in 21 countries (source)and is spoken widely in North America, South America, Europe and parts of Africa. In terms of native speakers, it is only second to Mandarin. The sheer number of Spanish speakers and their different locations makes the language varied from region to region. Sometimes, the same expressions may have different meanings in different parts of the same country. This br
  2. The translation industry is increasing with a rapid growth (source). The artificial intelligence is upgrading with great speed and they are also minimizing the word error rate. So with this share your view that why an individual should go with translation studies. My Opinion: Language translation services or professional translation services are increasing with lightning speed and companies who are expanding their business boundaries are relying on the translation agencies. If we compare human translator v/s Robotic translator, we can easily find the pros and cons of both the transla
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