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  1. I believe that, for languages like Chinese, the most commonly used characters number far lower. To read a newspaper, you could get by with 2000. Think like a caveman. Make your first set of characters very crude and simple, as though you are just coming up with the concept of writing. Then you can start stylizing it iteratively.
  2. And when I say learn, I don't mean dumb memorization. I mean learn, like you'll retain it and be able to actually read the sounds of Korean. The way it works is that you use the Korean Hangul alphabet to read English, not Korean, which lowers your cognitive burden and allows you to devote your full cognitive resources to internalizing the alphabet. It's totally free so check it out at alphaliterate.com. I am also working on other writing systems using this same method, such as Japanese kana, Arabic, Thai, and more. If you have questions, I'm around to answer them.
  3. There are so many complex rules that I never was quite able to internalize and it would be nice if there were a visual guide to those rules. Is there?
  4. I hope you don't mind me shamelessly promoting here, but I have created a free tool for learning the Korean writing system. It's at alphaliterate.com.
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